Noted Florida State Cowgirl Jenn Sterger Made Her Return For The Florida Game

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Yep, that's Jenn Sterger as a cowgirl again for Florida State's game against Florida.


Jenn Sterger Waited Years To Unleash This Brett Favre D*ck Joke

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Jenn Sterger's back in the news today after delivering this penis joke about Brett Favre.


A Brief History Of Spotted-In-The-Crowd Sports Fans Who Became Famous

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Let's remember the time when Pamela Anderson was the original Kate Upton, and other ladies who found fame by being sports fans.


Favre Gets Fine–No Suspension–For Sexting

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NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell will be pulling $50,000 out of Brett Favre's final NFL game check after announcing that the League office could not determine whether sexual harassment took place as alleged by a former New York Jets employee in 2008.


How Is This Not Blackmail?

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Sports Tramp (tm) Jenn Sterger issued a bizarre statement through her press people earlier this week, basically promising to sue Brett Favre if.


Sterger Talks To The NFL

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Jennifer Sterger (right) finally met with the National Football League to discuss their investigation of Brett Favre's alleged delivery of penis photos and horn-dog messages to her cell phone.


11.3 The Cooler

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<a href="http://smokingsection.uproxx.com/TSS/?p=144488"> Chastity Nichole Is Kim Kardashian Launching a Music Career? <a href="http://omg.yahoo.com/news/is-kim-kardashian-launching-a-music-career/49960">[Yahoo]</a> The 25 Best Playstation 2 Games <a href="http://www.complex.com/blog_galleries/ps-we-love-you-the-25-best-playstation-2-games/">[Complex]</a> Politician Caught Using Fake Morgan Freeman In His Ads <a href="http://filmdrunk.uproxx.com/2010/11/congressional-candidate-accused-of-using-imitation-morgan-freeman">[Film Drunk]</a> Tila Tequila Is Still Around.


Let’s Watch Brett Favre Bleed [VIDEO]

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Much of the American sporting public enjoyed the exit of one Brett Lorenzo Favre from Sunday's game against the Patriots.


Deanna Favre Has Gotta Have Faith

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Deanna Favre, wife of Minnesota Vikings quarterback and amateur photographer Brett Favre, went on Good Morning America yesterday to discuss a book she just wrote with pastor Shane Stanford, entitled “The Cure for the Chronic Life: Overcoming the Hopelessness That Holds You Back.


Favre’s Junk Is All Over The Place

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Incredibly talented sports and TV personality Jenn Sterger is at the center of a NFL investigation concerning Brett Favre's wrinkled old penis, but we all know plenty about this already, and if you don't then you need to catch up the gross way by checking out this post at <a href="http://kissingsuzykolber.uproxx.com/2010/10/say-would-you-like-to-see-an-alleged-picture-of-brett-favre%E2%80%99s-penis-nsfw.html">Kissing Suzy Kolber</a> from last week.


Brett Favre C*cktoberfest: Another Country Heard From

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I appreciate that Jennifer Sterger is still finding ways to get people to talk about her.


Is That Brett Favre Choking His Chicken?

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So this Brett Favre-Jenn Sterger-Brett Favre's Penis love triangle has finally come to a, um, head.

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