Things Girls Lie About

Jenna Marbles runs through a series of gender-exclusive lies.


Bill Cosby Started A Vlog, Apparently

When I was a kid I remember watching the comedy special "Bill Cosby: Himself" with my mom and dad and being in awe.

traditional media

Our Crush Jenna Marbles Was On GMA This Morning Discussing The 'Grinding' Scourge


Traditional media wouldn't be the traditional media if it didn't drum up retarded stories about the sh*t kids these days are doing to scare old people.


Lady Gaga Kicked Off Of YouTube For Copyright Violations


(UPDATE: Gaga's account appears to have been restored.


How Ladies Spend Time On The Internet

Guys, if you've ever wondered what ladies do on the Internet all day long, the wonderful Jenna Marbles -- the genius who made that amazing "How to trick people into thinking you're attractive" video -- has made a video to enlighten you, to peel back the curtain, if you will, to reveal some of what goes on over in the mysterious world of humans equipped with vaginas.

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