Katy Perry, Leonardo DiCaprio, And Nicki Minaj Have Some Very Odd Chinese Celebrity Nicknames

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Katy Perry, Leonardo DiCaprio, Nicki Minaj, and Ariana Grande are just a few celebrities to get special nicknames in China.

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Weekend Box Office: ‘Mortdecai’ Bombed Hard, Earning Less Than A Third Of J.Lo’s Teen Sex Movie

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Johnny Depp's lame mustache movie got beat by J. Lo AND George Lucas, while 'American Sniper' is still making history.


Jennifer Lopez Revealed That She Was Not Born A Man On ‘Watch What Happens Live’

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Jennifer Lopez appeared on 'Watch What Happens Live' to promote her new movie and she was a delight as always.


‘There Are Worse Movies Than Gigli,’ Jennifer Lopez Lies To Seth Meyers

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Lopez, who admits many of her films 'suck,' insists that 'Gigli' is not the worst.


Jeremy Renner Is Not Sorry For His Joke About Jennifer Lopez’s ‘Golden Globes’

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The actor defends the joke he made about Jennifer Lopez's cleavage at the 2015 Golden Globes. It's called a pun people!

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Paul Rudd Returns To Pawnee For The Final Season Of ‘Parks And Recreation’

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Bobby Newport will still be in Pawnee when the final season of 'Parks and Recreation' begins, as Paul Rudd is confirmed for two episodes.

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ABC Is Very Scared Of Jennifer Lopez And Iggy Azalea’s Butt Cracks

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Will Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Azalea rub their butts together during the American Music Awards? They'd better not, says ABC.


Sir Mix-A-Lot Wrote ‘Baby Got Back’ About Fly Girls-Era Jennifer Lopez

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Sir Mix-A-Lot's inspiration for 'Baby Got Back' was one of the most famous booties of them all.


Rum And Rom-Coms: Remembering The Pre-McConaughssaince McConaughey In ‘The Wedding Planner’

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This edition of Rum and Rom-Coms features Alison Stevenson getting drunk while watching 'The Wedding Planner', starring Jennifer Lopez and Matthew McConaughey.


Jennifer Lopez Reveals That Ben Affleck Split Left Her Really Heartbroken

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Nearly a decade after Bennifer called it quits, JLo reveals that he was her "first big heartbreak".

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If You’re Enjoying Jennifer Lopez And Iggy Azalea In ‘Booty,’ You Have This Director To Thank

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Director Joseph Kahn is laying claim to the creation of the booty movement in popular music. You're welcome?


J-Lo’s Big Booty And The 5 Next Old Things Mainstream Media Will Call New

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Catch these things now before they got completely mainstream.


Jennifer Lopez Is Really Bringing Her F Game In ‘The Boy Next Door’

By | 25 Comments

In 'The Boy Next Door,' Jennifer Lopez stars as an attractive and vulnerable bad actress who is seduced by her neighbor's nephew.

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