Frotcast 234: ‘Obvious Child,’ ‘Girls’ Vs. ‘Entourage’

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I got some comedians together to have a pizza party and talk about 'Obvious Child,' a movie about a comedian.

#Brooklyn Nine Nine

Eva Longoria Is Joining ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ As A Love Interest To Andy Samberg

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I guess you can't say ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s' Jake Peralta doesn't have a type.

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Jenny Slate Gave Some Unqualified Advice Backstage At ‘The Tonight Show’

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Let Jenny Slate answer all your questions about roommates and cooking.


The Trailer For ‘The Longest Week’ Makes Me Hate Rich People Even More

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'The Longest Week' stars Jason Bateman as a rich guy who has to move in with his rich friends and then dates Olivia Wilde. Geez, life is hard.


Jenny Slate Explains Her Fear Of Horses: ‘Their Penises Are Murder Weapons’

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Jenny Slate makes a pretty compelling argument as to why horses are the worst and why they should just be dogs.


‘Obvious Child’ Is The ‘Inside Llewyn Davis’ Of Abortion Films

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We got our own stand-up comedian Alison Stevenson to review 'Obvious Child,' starring Jenny Slate as a stand-up comedian (who has an abortion!).


Jenny Slate Opens Up About Her Disastrous, F-Bomb Dropping First Appearance On ‘SNL’

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Jenny Slate discusses her most famous moment during her single season on 'SNL' and the double standard that might have cost Slater her job.


Let’s Watch 20 Minutes Of ‘Parks and Recreation’ Season 5 Bloopers Because

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Words by Alec Bojalad If there were an Emmy category for gag reels, Parks and Recreation would sweep every year, with Chris Pratt taking home a trophy for Best Male.


Former ‘SNL’ Cast Member Jenny Slate Is Writing A ‘Looney Tunes’ Movie

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Jenny Slate, best known for Marcel the Shell and appearing on "SNL," has been tapped to write a new Looney Tunes movie.

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Oh Please Oh Please Oh Please

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The cast of "Saturday Night Live" is always a great source of debate.


9.29 The Cooler

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Sabado Gigante's Julie Ebony, JET For Sale.

saturday night live


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Jenny Slate, the new "Saturday Night Live" cast member whose name we learned when she accidentally said the F-word on this weekend's show (not pictured), won't be fired over the slip, reports Obvious News Magazine.

saturday night live


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"Saturday Night Live" had an uneven, largely disappointing season premiere this weekend, and I'm sad to report that the scheduled picture of host Megan Fox has been replaced by SNL rookie Jenny Slate, seen here reacting to saying the F-word on live television in her first starring sketch, the three billionth variation of "regular person has an unfunny talk show" (see video below).


Live From New York, It’s A Saturday Night F-Bomb…

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Nothing like screwing the pooch live on TV, especially during the season premiere of a show.

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