Johnny Sugar

Other Teams Respond To That 12-Year-Old’s Letter


A kid wrote to every NFL team asking why he should root for them. Only the Panthers responded. Then some other teams did.

Trevor Risk

A Smug and Angry Jerry Richardson Waiting For You On Line One


Jerry Richardson apparently spends his downtime responding to complaints by his team’s PSL-purchasing fan base personally.

xmas ape

Jerry Richardson Is A Lying, Crusty Bag Of Dicks


Panthers owner Jerry Richardson was one of the principal villains of the 2011 NFL lockout, melodramatic in his ridiculous demands for the owners to "take back our league" and either patronizing or insulting to those he was supposed to be negotiating with.

xmas ape

Adam Schefter Is Doing Jerry Richardson’s Bidding


ESPN's reporting bot, Adam Schefter, uncorked an exclusive nugget early on Sunday: that the Panthers have been the target of Los Angeles overtures to court an NFL franchise to the City of Angels.

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