Penn State Is Paying $60 Million To The Young Men Jerry Sandusky Abused

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Penn State has announced that they'll be paying $59.7 million to the 26 young men abused by former assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky.


Naturally, Someone Believes That Joe Paterno Might Have Faked His Death

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In today’s ADD social media news feed climate, even the biggest stories of the year can come and go in a matter of days.


Your Facebook Friends, Still The Dumbest People On This Planet

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I’m sure there’s other sports stuff going on, like that one legendary basketball player who got hurt or that expensive baseball pitcher who was beat up, but I’m a simple kind of fella and I can’t help but stop and point when I see something that’s reaaaaaaaaally stupid.

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'Law & Order: SVU' Will Tell Us How To Feel About The Sandusky Scandal

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Like one of Dick Wolf’s ripped from the hemline farts, "Law & Order: SVU" is going to blow the doors of the Sandusky scandal WIDE OPEN.


Jerry Sandusky Will Spend The Rest Of His Life In Prison

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After a year of <a href="" target="_blank">life-ruining scandal</a>, a conviction on <a href="" target="_blank">45 counts of sexual abuse</a>, a <a href="" target="_blank">thousand ill-advised punchlines</a> and <a href="" target="_blank">too many fines and sanctions to remember</a>, the victims of the Jerry Sandusky horror might be able to rest a little easier.


Al Pacino is attached to play Joe Paterno in biopic

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Al Pacino is attached to play disgraced former legend Joe Paterno in a biopic, which I thought sounded really weird at first, but then I made this Photoshop, and now I can totally see it.


Suddenly, Jerry Sandusky Is Explaining How Justice Works

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Jerry Sandusky, the former Penn State defensive coach who at the very least showered with young boys, touched their legs in the showers because he's just like Forrest Gump and ended <a href="" target="_blank">a bunch of creepy voice mail messages with "there's nothing really to hide" and "I love you"</a>, thinks it's "unjust" for PSU to be <a href="" target="_blank">fined and punished</a> simply because he molested boys there and everyone in charge of him covered it up to maintain the integrity of their football program.


So You’ll Have A Terrible Weekend, Here Are Jerry Sandusky’s Gross Voicemails

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Usually I let Burnsy handle the <a href="" target="_blank">Penn State sex scandal stories</a>.


Penn State Fans And Alumni Said Goodbye To Joe Paterno’s Statue And $60 Million

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This morning, NCAA President Mark Emmert officially announced the sanctions for Penn State University and its football program in the wake of what I can only call an incredibly bizarre and unbelievable scandal.


The Freeh Report Exposed The Entire Jerry Sandusky Scandal

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In the past, regarding the Jerry Sandusky scandal and Penn State, we have tried to be as mature and considerate as we possibly could be, because we are not sports preachers, at least not most of the time.

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Stay Classy, Austin

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Here we see the latest in Austin, Texas' quest to <a href="" target="_blank">lose all of its cool points</a> -- shifty rape jokes on its local bar marquees.


So Long, Jerry Sandusky

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Former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky <a href="">was convicted Saturday on 45 of 48 counts</a> of sexual abuse, misconduct, and a variety of other terrible, despicable, and truly heinous charges, which means that, barring an appeal miracle, the 68-year old will rot in jail until the day that he dies.

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At Long Last, Pedobear Makes An Appearance At The Jerry Sandusky Trial


I don't know about you, but I haven't been following the developments of the Jerry Sandusky trial too closely -- mainly because I read some stuff about the opening day's testimony and it made me want to move away to an island far away from humanity's reach.

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If Anything, Joe Paterno’s Death Was Convenient For Tim Curley


When asked by investigators if former Penn State assistant coach Mike McQueary had reported witnessing Jerry Sandusky raping a young child in team facilities, former Penn State University athletic director Tim Curley said no.

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Joe Paterno Has Technically Been Laid To Rest

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Today marks the third and final day of memorial services for former Penn State football coach Joe Paterno, who passed away on Sunday.


Joe Paterno, 1926-2012

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I hate writing obituaries and memoriam posts.


Penn State Update: Mike McQueary Is Testifying Like Ralph Wiggum

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It's still not fun to make light of the Penn State abuse scandal (especially in the wake of <a href="">ESPN's horrifying HANDS OFF cover</a>), and <a href="">TMZ's</a> latest updates on what's being said during Mike McQueary's preliminary hearing testimony won't make it any easier.

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‘Development’ Isn’t The Word I’d Use

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Nike's World Headquarters Campus near Beaverton, Oregon, has a child day care facility called the Joe Paterno Child Development Center.

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The 10 Creepiest Quotes From The Jerry Sandusky Interview With Bob Costas

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Earlier today, Burnsy sent me an e-mail that read "I suppose we should do something about this" and linked to the <a href="">Lion Eyes</a> transcript of Monday night's phone interview between Bob Costas and Jerry Saundusky.

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