Report: Jerry Sloan To Resign (Not Re-Sign) Today

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After 23 years as head coach of the Utah Jazz, making him the longest tenured coach in any of the four major pro sports, it appears Jerry Sloan's career has come to an end.


The Best Designed Play In The NBA This Year

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Need a reason why the Utah Jazz agreed to a one-year contact extension with Jerry Sloan yesterday.


Kobe Bryant for MVP, and the NBA’s Forgotten Award Contenders

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With the NBA set to announce its All-Star starters tomorrow, this is the time of year where blaming the game's fans for ultimately meaningless travesties is at its peak.


Clip Of The Day: Jerry Sloan Needs To Learn To Say “Earmuffs”

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I don't know what I'm more surprised about: How funny this video is, or the fact that they got Jerry Sloan to go along for the ride.

Wes Matthews

Jerry Sloan is unsure how he’ll replace Carlos Boozer

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With the NBA preseason underway and three weeks left until the regular season begins, now's the time when coaches start to decide which players will earn a starting spot or be moved to the bench.


The Western Conference’s Next All-Star

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NBA All-Star Weekend is a time when the League clarifies the status of it's players.

#Chris Paul

The NBA’s Ultimate Franchise Point Guard: Deron Williams

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Having a good point guard is a must when it comes to winning a championship. With coaches sometimes getting lost in translation during the course of a game, a good team needs someone to direct the show on the floor during the most difficult of times.

Wes Johnson

Carlos Boozer’s impact on the NBA Draft’s Top 10 Picks

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While it seems every move that every NBA team plans to make this summer has something to do with LeBron -- from the Chris Paul trade rumors to (obviously) the Cavs' coaching search to even the Clippers' potential ownership change -- one man who could greatly impact the Top-10 of tomorrow's NBA Draft is Carlos Boozer.

Scott Brooks

The Curse Of The NBA Coach Of The Year Award

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With yesterday's firing of Mike Brown, who just last season was named the 2008-09 NBA Coach of the Year, it made me begin to think that winning the award could be more of a curse than a blessing.

#Chris Paul

Deron Williams: The Total Package

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We already know the runaway winner of this year's MVP voting, but through the first few days of the NBA playoffs, the crown for unofficial postseason MVP is still being decided.


Duncan and Dwight own the night

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You knew it was going to happen sooner or later.


OKC Thunder’s Scott Brooks named NBA Coach of the Year

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Unlike this year's NBA playoff bracket, where both 8-seeds are legitimately feisty and each conference has up to four teams that could realistically make the Finals, the NBA awards season is turning out to be pretty predictable.


The Real NBA Coach of the Year will get snubbed in 2010

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Even more than MVP, the Coach of the Year award needs a criteria makeover.


Keepin’ it 100

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Phil Jackson is the king of the smart-ass, "Did he just insult me.


Spy vs. Spy

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For Chris Paul and Deron Williams to go head-to-head and put up underwhelming numbers isn't a surprise anymore.

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