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‘Sharknado 3′ Has Cast Mark Cuban And Ann Coulter As The President And Vice President

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Who wants to watch Ann Coulter get devoured by a poorly rendered CGI shark?!

#Best And Worst Of Raw

The Best And Worst Of WWE Raw 9/8/14: What Can I Say, It’s The Season Premiere

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The Best and Worst of the "season premiere" of WWE Raw. A bunny throws a superkick and Jerry Springer does a stretcher job. No idea, guys.


WWE Raw Season Premiere Open Discussion Thread 9/8/14

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Here's your open discussion thread for the season premiere (wait, what?) of WWE Raw, September 8, 2014.

#Pro Wrestling

Jerry Springer Is Returning To WWE Raw Because Yes, Things Can Always Get Worse

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Jerry Springer is here to solve your Bella Twins problems and make you feel sad and stuff.


Jerry Springer Has Angered The Bronies. Prepare To Be Loved And Tolerated, Jerry.

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Jerry Springer still has a show, and he angered bronies with a casting call for bronies with lovers who object to their fandom.


After Twenty Years, What Does a ‘Jerry Springer Show’ Episode in 2011 Look Like?

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In middle school, I would occasionally feign illness so I could stay home and watch "The Jerry Springer Show," which celebrates 20 years on the air this Friday.


‘I Enjoy the Smell and Taste of Glue’

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As if you couldn't have guessed by the presence of Jerry Springer, "Baggage" is one of the stranger and more disturbing game shows on TV (I previously wrote about it here).


‘Baggage’ Is the New Worst Dating Show

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Now that VH1 has Everyone brings baggage into a relationship-but only on GSN’s new dating game show Baggage do three contestants and one "dater" bring it all to the very first date.

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