Crossface Chickenwing Rhymes: 7 Hip-Hop Lines About Bob Backlund


After both DMX and Sheek Louch referenced infamous Hall of Fame wrestler Bob Backlund during Ruff Ryders' "World's Greatest" comeback track, we were reminded the WWF Superstar-turned-wannabe-politician had actually been referenced more than a few times in rhymes.

The Notorious B.I.G.

Jeru The Damaja’s Hot 97 Promo


The Internet constantly unearths audio morsels. Ever city has their radio show countdown, usually frequented by the largest artist available to lend their voices. When the city is NYC, I guess magic like this happen more often than the rest of can imagine. Jeru's intro to Angie Martinez's radio show serving as a flash point for Biggie's seminal drug sermon, "Ten Crack Commandments"? Yep, it happened. "That was actually a promo that me and Jeru did for Angie Martinez on Hot 97. Back then she did a show called the “Hot 5 at 9? where she would play the top 5 records at 9 o’clock. If you listen to the scratches, before I added “ten” later on when Biggie got it, I just keep going to five right after the beat drops because it was for the top 5 at 9. Puffy was guest hosting the show and when he heard the promo he was like “what the hell, who did this?” and Angie told him I did it. So he goes live on the radio like “yo Premier, if you’re out there, call me.” One of my homeboys paged me and told me that Puffy was on the radio telling me to call him. I turn on Hot 97 and right before I was about to turn the dial off, I hear “Premier, Premier, please call me if you hear me on the radio.” He told me he wanted to buy the promo. I told Jeru and he was like “yo, it’s hip hop. No big deal.” So I sold it to him and Biggie already had a concept, he wanted to call it “Ten Crack Commandments.” I took the “Ten” from a spaceship count down when they go “ten, nine, eight, seven…” And Biggie just rapped over it right there." Radio rip but still worth a quick listen. Chances of a hearing it without the voiceovers are slim to none most likely, unless some Hot 97 staffer's still sitting on the audio. Download -- Jeru The Damaja's Hot 97 Promo (Radio Rip) DJPremierBlog via RTD.


5.1 The Cooler


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The Sun Rises In The East

“I’m The Original Dirty Rotten…”


When the Crew huddled up, we had several different options for the Saturday video post but it's always a challenge.


Crooklyn In My Mind


Words By DJ Sorce-1 A simple, unaltered loop helped DJ Premier create the instrumental for one of rap's all time great singles and redefine his career.

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