#Sundance 2015

UPROXX Sundance Interview: Director James Ponsoldt On How To Make A Movie About David Foster Wallace


We spoke to director James Ponsoldt about his Sundance David Foster Wallace biopic, "The End of the Tour."

#Sundance 2015

Jason Segel Shines As David Foster Wallace In ‘The End Of The Tour’ At Sundance

By | 12 Comments

People weren't sold on Jason Segel as David Foster Wallace. So how was he in 'The End of the Tour' at the Sundance Film Festival?

#Batman vs. Superman

A Cast Photo May Reveal If Jesse Eisenberg Is Going Bald For ‘Batman V Superman’

By | 9 Comments

The first promo photo for Jesse Eisenberg's current movie hints at how he probably looked a few months ago during the 'Batman V Superman' shoot.


A ‘Zombieland’ Sequel Is Suddenly A Top Priority For Sony Pictures

By | 25 Comments

Despite the fact that the stars sounded uninterested in 2011, 'Zombieland 2' has become a very important project for Sony Pictures again.

#Batman vs. Superman

Check Out Jesse Eisenberg’s Weird Hairstyle On The ‘Batman V Superman’ Set

By | 21 Comments

New 'Batman V Superman' set photos try to stay coy about Jesse Eisenberg's Lex Luthor look.


Here’s A Closer Look At Gal Gadot On The ‘Batman Vs Superman’ Set

By | 17 Comments

Here's a close-up picture of Gal Gadot as Diana Prince (Wonder Woman) on the Michigan set of 'Batman vs. Superman'.


These May Be The First Photos Of Gal Gadot On The Set Of ‘Batman Vs Superman’

By | 40 Comments

These are probably the first pictures of Gal Gadot as Diana Prince on the Michigan set of 'Batman vs. Superman'. We want to believe.


Confirmed: ‘Justice League’ Movie Coming After ‘Batman Vs Superman’

By | 52 Comments

Warner president of worldwide production Greg Silverman confirms several things we already suspected about the 'Justice League' movie.


‘Batman Versus Superman’ Adds Another Justice League Member To The Cast

By | 20 Comments

The untitled 'Man Of Steel' sequel will also include Cyborg, a founding member of the Justice League in the New 52 continuity.


How Smart Are Your Celebs? The SAT Scores Are In And They’ll Surprise You.

By | 30 Comments

See how you match up intelligence wise to all of your favorite celebrities. They're either really smart, or have great publicists.


'Batman Vs Superman' Costume Designer Talks About The New Wonder Woman

By | 7 Comments

The Oscar-nominated designer making the costumes for 'Batman vs Superman' talked about the Wonder Woman costume Gal Gadot will be wearing soon.


Lex Luthors Kevin Spacey And Michael Rosenbaum Weigh In On Jesse Eisenberg

By | 8 Comments

Previous Lex Luthor actors Kevin Spacey and Michael Rosenbaum give their opinion on Jesse Eisenberg portraying the character in 'Batman Versus Superman'.


Gal Gadot Shows Off Her Wonder Woman Physique Again

By | 33 Comments

Gal Gadot is back with another update on her workout regimen to play Wonder Woman in 'Batman Versus Superman', posting an intriguing picture on Facebook.


The First Full Trailer For ‘The Double’ Looks Just As Creepy As The Teaser

By | 4 Comments

Jesse Eisenberg struggles to cope with his doppelganger in creepily comedic fashion in the first trailer for Richard Ayoade's 'The Double.'


Gal Gadot Shows Off Her Wonder Woman Physique For ‘Batman Versus Superman’

By | 32 Comments

Gal Gadot is back with an update on her workout regimen to play Wonder Woman in 'Batman Versus Superman', posting an intriguing picture on Facebook.


Here’s The Creepiest New Trailer For ‘The Double,’ Starring Jesse Eisenberg

By | 13 Comments

In this chilling new teaser trailer for 'The Double,' Jesse Eisenberg cranks the creepy up to 1,000 as he watches Mia Wasikowska.


It’s Jesse Eisenberg Versus Superman In These Convincing Mashups

By | 10 Comments

A mashup video and photoshops imagine what kind of Lex Luthor we can expect Jesse Eisenberg to be.


Has Jesse Eisenberg Known He Was In ‘Batman Vs. Superman’ Since October?

By | 10 Comments

In this interview from October 2013, 'Batman Vs. Superman' is brought up to Jesse Eisenberg, and it gets very specific. HE TOTALLY KNEW, maybe.


Warner Bros. Cast Surprise Picks For Lex Luthor And Alfred In ‘Man Of Steel 2′

By | 27 Comments

How do you top pissing off DC Comics' fans after casting Ben Affleck as Batman?

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