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Let’s Relive the Best Moments From The Final Season Of ‘Breaking Bad’


So here’s a (mostly) spoiler-free look at some of the best moments from season five of 'Breaking Bad.'

#Breaking Bad

Miami Cops Found LSD Tabs With ‘Breaking Bad’ Characters On Them


"Breaking Bad" may be over, but its legacy soldiers on. In drug form.

#Breaking Bad

Aaron Paul Just Punked Everyone Into Thinking A Jesse Pinkman-Centric ‘Breaking Bad’ Spinoff Was Coming

The former 'Breaking Bad' star is filming 'Central Intelligence' in Boston, but he's bored. So he trolled his fans on social media.

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Let’s Relive The Best Moments From ‘Breaking Bad’ Season 4


Walter's slide toward super-villainy continues on its merry way.

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Let’s Relive The Best Moments From ‘Breaking Bad’ Season 3

If you’re looking to re-live some of the best moments from 'Breaking Bad’s season three, you’ve come to the right place.

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Let’s Relive The Best Moments From ‘Breaking Bad’ Season 2


Things get more complicated and lucrative for Walt and Jesse in 'Breaking Bad's second season. Haven't seen it? Let us be your guide.

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Let’s Re-Live The Best Moments From ‘Breaking Bad’ Season 1

If you've been thinking about a 'Breaking Bad' binge watch, check out the best moments from season one.


Aaron Paul Delivered A Heartfelt New Year’s Eve Message That Only He Could Pull Off

Aaron Paul began 2015 with a short message that was both poetic and funny.

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Walter White Is The One Who Raps In This Amazing ‘Breaking Bad’ Supercut


Dutch editor Matthijs Vlot has cut together this amazing Breaking Bad rap supercut called 'This Is My Product'.

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Aaron Paul Channeled Jesse Pinkman For His Response To The Toys R’ Us ‘Breaking Bad’ Action Figure Battle


Aaron Paul has joined Bryan Cranston in using social media to respond to the uproar over 'Breaking Bad' figures at Toys R' Us.

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Aaron Paul Named His Five Favorite ‘Breaking Bad’ Scenes


Aaron Paul named his most YEAH BITCH scenes on "Breaking Bad."


Breaking Bad Vs Street Fighter, Teenage Mutant Ninja Godzilla, And Other Mashups

Featured mashup videos of the week, including Jesse Pinkman fighting Ryu, TMNT/Godzilla, Batman, Doctor Who, and more.


Are Aaron Paul And Liam Neeson Close To Starring In ‘The Dark Tower’?


Aaron Paul offers an update on 'The Dark Tower' and another source hints at Liam Neeson's involvement.


Here’s Aaron Paul in a Korn Video + Morning Links

Here's Aaron Paul, aka Breaking Bad's Jesse Pinkman (bitch) in a 2002 Korn video, surprisingly not for the song "Love & Meth," which showed up in the related videos.


Don’t Even Bother, Parents, These ‘Breaking Bad’ Kids Have Already Won Halloween


Aaron Paul Tweeted this amazing photo of two kids dressed as Walter White and Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad.


Jesse’s Revenge (‘Breaking Bad’ + ‘Need For Speed’ Mashup)

A seamless mashup of Breaking Bad and the trailer for Aaron Paul's upcoming film, Need For Speed.


I Wish I Wasn’t Jesse’s Girl (‘Breaking Bad’ Song Parody)

This parody of Rick Springfield's hit song 'Jesse's Girl' that perfectly articulates just how difficult it is to date Jesse Pinkman.

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