Jessica Walter Has An Incredible And Disturbing Dolphin Story From The Set Of ‘Flipper’

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Jessica Walter appeared in the 1964 pilot of "Flipper" and all she got was this incredibly disturbing dolphin story.


Just How Gorgeous Was Jessica Walter Of ‘Archer’ And ‘Arrested Development’ Back In The Day?

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A look back at the early career of Jessica Walter, who plays Mallory Knox on 'Archer' and Lucille Bluth on 'Arrested Development.'

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'Arrested Development’ Beyond The Binge: Everything You May Have Missed In ‘Queen B.'

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An in-depth look at all the things you may have missed on first watch of the Lucille-centric episode.

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The ‘Arrested Development’ Season 4 Character Power Rankings

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Ranking the main characters from season four of "Arrested Development," from best to worst.

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The Infinite Wisdom Of Lucille Bluth, Just In Time For Mother’s Day

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With Mother's Day falling smack dab in the middle of our <em>Arrested Development</em> on Netflix final countdown, it would be silly not to revisit all the motherly pearls of wisdom the matriarch of the Bluth Family


Someone's Getting Married On 'Archer'

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The first bit of information about season four of "Archer" has been revealed.


7 Facts You Might Not Know About the Cast of 'Archer'

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Now in its third season, Adam Reed's spy spoof "Archer" has quickly risen to become easily the best animated sitcom on television, and arguably one of the best sitcoms on television period.

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‘Arrested Development’ Cast to Reunite

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Ordinarily I wouldn't have anything to say about the New Yorker, because I'm not particularly interested in reading 12,000-word articles about opera in China.

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