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Donald Sutherland Has Taken The Jennifer Lawrence Praise To An All-Time High

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If you didn't think that praise for Jennifer Lawrence could get higher and more ridiculous, Donald Sutherland has news for you.


Historians Have Found Human Teeth In A 300-Year-Old Statue Of Jesus Christ

By | 5 Comments

Historians made an odd discovery in an 18th century statue of Christ: Human teeth.


Sports On TV: The Wonder Years’ 15 Greatest Sports Moments

By | 33 Comments

There's only one way to start a column about 'The Wonder Years.

North Miami

North Miami Mayoral Candidate Anna Pierre Claims She’s Endorsed By Jesus And Is A Victim Of Voodoo, Because Florida

By | 4 Comments

Anna Pierre is really putting out flyers stating that she's endorsed by Jesus Christ himself.


Justin Bieber Honors More Historical Figures


After wishing Anne Frank was a belieber, Justin weighs in on Joan of Arc, Jesus, and MLK.


SNL: DJesus Uncrossed


In Quentin Tarantino's new historical revenge thriller, Jesus emerges from his tomb and has the Romans on his radar.


Ray Lewis Talks to Jesus and God


Ray Lewis negotiates how much of a heavenly push the Ravens are going to get in the Super Bowl.


Peter Tebow Set To Deny His Brother 3 Times

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Tim Tebow's brother Peter lives in Denver, loves Jesus (according to his Twitter bio, at least, I don't know him personally or anything) and has over 15,000 Twitter followers, because every Bill Clinton needs his Roger.


SNL: Cecilia Gimenez


Notorious portrait-fixer Cecilia Gimenez stops by Weekend Update to explain her process and share her latest work.


Because The Replacement Refs Are Exactly Like Jesus Christ

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Throughout the first three weeks of the NFL season, I, like most people, made fun of the replacement refs and their seemingly endless blunders.


Stephen Colbert is Bummed About Jesus Having a Wife


Jesus Christ was one of Stephen Colbert's last single friends, so he's sad to find out he may have settled down 2,000 years ago.


Yep, They've Got A Version Of This Too

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Taiwan's Next Media Animation asks the two most important questions about LeBron James and the Miami Heat's 2012 NBA Championship victory: 1.


The Dugout: Matt Cain's Perfect Game

By | 27 Comments

Last night, San Francisco Giants pitcher Matt Cain threw a perfect game.


The Dugout Opening Days '12: Detroit Tigers

By | 11 Comments

Or, "Dude, yer gettin' arrested for a hate crime".


Taiwanese Animation: Jeremy Lin Saga

By | 2 Comments

Taiwan's vaunted Next Media Animation is piecing together an animated, Walk The Line style biopic of Jeremy Lin, the first American-born NBA star of Chinese and Taiwanese heritage.


Yes, Taiwan Seriously Just Animated Tim Tebow Being Crucified

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I didn't think Next Media Animation could top Tim Tebow as an angel stabbing a dolphin to death with a spear, but their latest episode features Tebow literally being crucified, crown of thorns and everything, and Jesus Christ himself, the son of an X-Box-purchasing God, Tebowing after defeating Satan with the Broncos in a game of heavenly Madden.

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SNL Jinxed Tim Tebow

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"If I'm the son of God, Tom Brady's got to be the guy's nephew.


Darryl Talley is Not Taking the Rapture Very Seriously

By | 6 Comments

A loosely organized Christian movement has spread the word around the globe that Jesus Christ will return to earth on Saturday to gather the faithful into Heaven.

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