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Bill O’Reilly Finally Declares An End To The War On Christmas

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The War on Christmas is officially over and we have Bill O'Reilly to thank for it's end.


A Seattle Burger Restaurant’s New Ad Features Jesus Smoking A Joint

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The LunchBox Laboratory burger restaurant in Seattle has raised eyebrows with a 4/20 Easter ad that features Jesus smoking a joint.


Oh, Florida: Atheist Attacks Roommate With Butter Knife Because He Thought He Was Jesus


A Florida man and self-described atheist is charged with attacking his roommate with a butter knife because he thought he was Jesus, because why not, Florida?


What Do People On Twitter Claim That They've Given Up For Lent This Year?

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The folks at Open Bible have been tracking what people claim they've given up for Lent on Twitter and the results are rather uninspiring.


Megyn Kelly Addresses Her Santa Controversy By Putting Away The Race Card And Pulling The Comedy Card

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Megyn Kelly took to the air Friday to respond to critics over her controversial Santa comments, and Jesus wept.

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While On His Break, Jesus Made An Appearance At Kanye’s Concert

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Jesus Christ of Nazareth stopped by Kanye's show to kick it with the lil' homie a bit before going back to doing the whole Son of God thing.


The Illustrations In The 'Spanking For Jesus' Booklet Are Very Informative

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Spanking for Jesus is a terrible thing with an enlightening booklet.


Justin Bieber Honors More Historical Figures


After wishing Anne Frank was a belieber, Justin weighs in on Joan of Arc, Jesus, and MLK.


SNL: DJesus Uncrossed


In Quentin Tarantino's new historical revenge thriller, Jesus emerges from his tomb and has the Romans on his radar.


Ray Lewis Talks to Jesus and God


Ray Lewis negotiates how much of a heavenly push the Ravens are going to get in the Super Bowl.


What Awful Thing Did Chris Brown Do Today? He Compared Himself To Jesus On The Cross. Yes, He Really Did

By | 14 Comments

Just when you thought Chris Brown couldn't possibly get any worse, he goes and plays the Jesus on the cross card on us.


Tyler Perry’s Groundwater is a Metaphor for Jesus

By | 28 Comments

Many of you probably didn't realize that Tyler Perry, in addition to being a cross-dressing multi-hyphenate gazillionaire, also keeps a mailing list for his fans and sends out periodic newsletters.


‘Potato Jesus’ Is Destined To Be This Year’s Hot Halloween Costume

By | 2 Comments

Potato Jesus is destined to be this year's hot Halloween costume. You heard it here first.


The Lady Who Destroyed The Jesus Fresco Now Wants To Get Paid? Sounds Like A Good Time For Memes.

By | 3 Comments

The old lady who destroyed the 'Ecce Homo' Jesus fresco now wants part of the money donated to the Church. We respond with funny photoshops.


15 Jesus Everywhere Variations That Almost Make Too Much Sense


Please enjoy this handful that I feel make almost too much since while imagining Jesus destroying his drum solo.


Jesus Defends His Spanish Portrait Restoration


Believe it or not, the Jesus couldn't be happier with a certain notorious painting restoration.

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