Meme Watch: Once You See The Restored Face Of Jesus, You Cannot Unsee The Restored Face Of Jesus

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The best images and GIFs spoofing Cecilia Giménez's unintentionally hilarious restoration of a century-old “ecce homo” fresco of Jesus.

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Chosen Links And Emo Dogs

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"Just a picture of Jesus arm wrestling Satan on the side of a car.

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UPROXX @ SXSW: Quiet Company At The Main


In case you were wondering, yes, it is possible to rock the hell out on a trombone.


‘Monumental': Kirk Cameron dreams of a more Reagan-y ‘Murica

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Kirk Cameron is worried about where this country's headed.


SNL Mocked Tim Tebow On Saturday Night, While The Internet Is Mocking Him Today

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Over the weekend, SNL mocked increasingly ubiquitous Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow with a skit in which Jesus appears in the teams locker room to tell the evangelical Christian quarterback to tone it down a bit.

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God Bless The Morning Links

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Links What Tim Tebow Is Saying While He's Tebowing - "Jesusly" is an adjective (adverb.


Jesus loves your mullet trophies, and Morning Links

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Of course Jesus loves the First-Place Mullet kid, aka young Pauly Dangerously.

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Hey Possible Nephew

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A few in-house links, to start - Like us on Facebook! We have a human (me) updating it now, so no more robot copy-pasta.

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WWE Causes ‘Anal Bleeding’ To Trend: Not What You Think, We Swear

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Last night's episode of WWE Raw caused "anal bleeding" to become a trending topic on Twitter.


50 Objects That Look A Little Like Jesus

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As thousands of Harold Camping's followers have changed their personal planners to highlight October 21 as the new date of the Rapture, a woman in a Chicago suburb believes that something big happened on May 21 after all.


Rapturous Links


Saturday's Best Rapture Bombs [Uproxx] A Tribute in remembrance of Macho Man Randy Savage [Uproxx] Monkey in a dress steals the show at the Hangover 2 premiere [Filmdrunk] Ten Essential Books About Television [WarmingGlow] Mom Sues Four Loko Over Son’s Death [TSS] First Picture Of [...].


Tim Tebow Lords Over All He Surveys (But Not That Kind of Lord)

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Forbes has released their annual Top 10 Most Influential Athletes list, and for the second year in a row, happy-to-not-be-aborted NFL quarterback Tim Tebow has ranked in the top ten.


Jim Caviezel says Jesus ruined his career

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It's hard to deny that before Passion of the Christ, Jim Caviezel seemed like a star on the rise (Count of Monte Cristo is a guilty pleasure of mine).

Jesus Freaks

Franklin Graham: Jesus will announce his 2nd coming via social media


For generations, Jesus freaks have been claiming that the second coming of Christ was just around the corner -- based on their own creative interpretations of the bible, known in some circles as delusion -- a time in which believers would be swept away on the Lord's chariot during the Rapture, whisked off into the clouds to live forever to a soundtrack of harp music with their arrogant, petty, insecure God.

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The Last Supper reimagined, starring Snoop Dogg

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Since today is Holy Thursday, also known as Maundy Thursday in some circles -- the day that commemorates the Last Supper -- I figured I'd leave you with some sacrilege.


The Dugout: Atlanta Braves Spring Training 2011

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The Dugout's Spring Training 2011 event continues this afternoon with the Atlanta Braves, and the very real, serious story of minor league manager Luis Salazar losing a body part because he never became one with The Matrix and couldn't dodge a line drive off the bat of Brian McCann.


It’s Wrasslin’ But With More Jesus

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As a founding member of the Church of Blake Lively’s Chest, I’m a man who doesn’t like to talk too much about religion since it’s such a polarizing subject.


Strokes Of Genius: 20 Famous Works Of Art Given A Modern Update

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Being America’s most eligible bachelor means that I’ve long been an expert of maintaining a sophisticated and stylish home that is indicative of a classy love stallion.


The Gospel According To Ron Artest

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I'm not one of these people that interjects "Merry Christmas" whenever someone offers wishes of "Happy Holidays," but I bet that most of you, especially our chosen readers, can handle this latest gem from Lakers big man Ron Artest, who was asked about Kobe Bryant's ejection from Tuesday night's game, which somehow led into a conversation about how Jesus would have fared in the NBA.

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Florida Man Files Restraining Orders Against Tebow, Obama, Jesus, Sanity

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A Florida man went to court in Alachua County recently to file for restraining orders against Tim Tebow, Barack Obama and Jesus.

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