Celebrate The 10th Anniversary Of ‘Mean Girls’ With Your Own ‘Fetch’ Bracelet

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The movie fans at Stella and Bow have created a special line of 'Mean Girls' jewelry to celebrate the film's 10th anniversary.


Someone Posted A Craigslist Ad Offering A Wedding Ring For Chiefs-Broncos Tickets


In a very vague and random Craigslist post, someone offered a diamond wedding band for tickets to Sunday's Chiefs-Broncos game.


Alabama: True Home of One-Stop Shopping

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Here's a little mom and pop convenience store in Alabama, appropriately next to a church that was designed by a tween playing The Sims.


Kesha Is Designing Her Own Jewelry Now And Of Course It's Made From Human Teeth


Eccentric pop singer and reality TV star Ke$ha will release her new line of jewelry in August, and some of the items are actually made from human teeth.


Demi Moore’s New Boyfriend Had A Pearl Surgically Implanted In His Penis

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A lot of people had been worried about Demi Moore ever since she and Ashton Kutcher got a divorce and he moved on to someone nearly half her age, but it looks like the 50-year old actress has rebounded nicely and found herself a real jewel of a man.


Making The Ring


An engineer designs and fabricates his friend's wedding ring from scratch.


Jewelry Inspired By Our Cybernetic Future


Nanotec Cybernetic Head System It's not often you find Sci-Fi inspired accessories which is why I was pumped to see Dominic Elvin's work on Etsy.


T-Pain’s Big Ass Chain, Literally

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T-Pain "proves" himself recession-proof by showcasing a 10lb.


“Bring The Noise!”

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Serve someone a knuckle sandwich & leave an imprint modeled after Akai's legendary MPC samplers.

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