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Was The Wachowskis’ 2012 Film ‘Cloud Atlas’ Really That Bad?

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The last movie from the Wachowskis was 'Cloud Atlas,' which has a rep as a bad movie. But it's not deserved. Well, sorta not deserved, anyway.


Here’s The Trailer For That Paddington Bear Movie Colin Firth Dropped Out Of

By | 12 Comments

James Bond's Q voices the world's most British Peruvian talking bear.


The First Theatrical Trailer For ‘Cloud Atlas’ Is Here To Answer None Of Our Questions

By | 4 Comments

Warner has released the first theatrical trailer for The Wachowskis and Tom Tykwer's 'Cloud Atlas' based on David Mitchell's "unfilmable" novel.


The Iron Lady makes watching paint dry look like Iron Man

By | 26 Comments

Superman and Spider-Man are British now, but if you think the good ol' US of A is going to take usurpation like that lying down, you're wrong.

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