Jim Lehrer Tries a Different Approach

What if Jim Lehrer had been way too aggressive -- rather than passive -- during the first presidential debate.


Bad Lip Reading: The First Presidential Debate

The first presidential debate of 2012 receives the Bad Lip Reading treatment, and the result is predictably hilarious and absurd.


Here’s The Supercut Of Mitt Romney Pwning Jim Lehrer You Knew Was Coming


If you watched last night's presidential debate, you know that Mitt Romney -- in addition to pretty much pwning Obama -- basically bullied moderator Jim Lehrer like he was a kid who had the audacity to show up to prep school with long, bleached blond hair.

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The Best Images And GIFs From Last Night’s Crap Show Of A Debate


A collection of the funniest pictures to come out of last night's, um, debate between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama, with special Jim Lehrer.

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