Nobody Seems Concerned About Roman Reigns As WWE’s Next Top Star, So I Guess We’re Doing That

By | 70 Comments

The Internet has been on Roman Reigns' case the past few months, but he's still being positioned as WWE's next big star. Why?


Guess Who’s Joining Jim Ross For NJPW Wrestle Kingdom Commentary

By | 22 Comments

We finally know who will join JR on the commentary desk at Wrestle Kingdom 9. Some of you won't like the news at all.


In Case You Were Wondering, Here’s What Happens When You Google ‘Jim Ross Twerking’

By | 15 Comments

Jimmy Rozay calling daggering videos is the last one you'll ever need to see.


Global Force/New Japan Roundup: Jeff Jarrett’s Reddit AMA And A Glorious Hype Video

By | 9 Comments

NJPW Wrestle Kingdom is getting closer! Set the mood with a huge hype video and some Reddit answers from Global Force's Jeff Jarrett.


Let’s Rank The Weekend’s 10 Best Responses To CM Punk Signing With UFC

By | 56 Comments

People were talking about former WWE Champion CM Punk signing with UFC this weekend, so we collected some of the best responses.


Watch Tampa Bay’s Mike Evans Channel The Undertaker With This Glorious Choke Slam


Mike Evans channels The Undertaker with this glorious choke slam.


Jim Ross Is Returning To Wrestling To Call New Japan’s Wrestle Kingdom 9

By | 21 Comments

The iconic voice of Good Ol' JR will be heard on a pro wrestling pay-per-view once again.


Jim Ross And Chael Sonnen Fantasy Booked WWE, And Here Are The Results

By | 23 Comments

Jim Ross was on Chael Sonnen's podcast and they talked about MMA and fantasy booked a fair amount of WWE.


Jim Ross Doesn’t See Why We Should Boo Rusev

By | 46 Comments

Does Rusev deserve the scorn of WWE audience? And more importantly, is Jim Ross a Soviet defector?

#Impact Wrestling

TNA Is Negotiating With A Talent Who Will ‘Shock People,’ So Let’s Wildly Speculate!

By | 66 Comments

TNA's Dixie Carter is one again hyping a major announcement, claiming to be negotiating with talent that will "shock people." Who is it?


You Won’t Be Able To Stop Watching Randy Orton Hurt Strangers In The Best Of ‘RKO Vines’

By | 27 Comments

Randy Orton's RKO has become Vine's hottest meme. Watch the Viper incapacitate a bunch of clumsy strangers.

Shilique Calhoun

Please Enjoy This Clip Of A Suplex In A Football Game Called By WWE’s Jim Ross

By | 8 Comments

Shilique Calhoun is a bad, bad man. Here's his belly-to-back suplex called by legendary WWE announcer Jim Ross.


Jim Ross Thinks Brock Lesnar Could Return To UFC In The Spring, Purple Skin And All

By | 20 Comments

Despite getting weirdly sweaty and purple when he wrestles, Brock Lesnar could be returning to UFC in the Spring with a clean bill of health.


Jim Ross And Chael Sonnen’s Best Moments From BattleGrounds MMA

By | 10 Comments

BattleGrounds ONE had some good fights last night, but the real highlight was Jim Ross and Chael Sonnen on commentary


Bellator, Battleground and a Double-Header UFC: Weekend Combat Sports Live Discussion

By | 327 Comments

Bellator 127, Battleground ONE, UFC Fight Nights 53 and 54 all make for a super fun weekend of combat sports. Join the live discussion!


Jim Ross May Be Calling Wrestling Matches Again Very Soon

By | 17 Comments

Jim Ross may be calling wrestling again soon, but not where you'd expect. Good God almighty the Shining Wizard!


WWE Is Confiscating Cesaro Signs At Live Events Because We Can’t Have Nice Things

By | 68 Comments

According to reports, fans with pro-Cesaro signs at WWE live events are having them confiscated by security. 'Ziggler Please' is fine!


Allow Jim Ross To Call This Brutal Suplex Of Eastern Michigan Quarterback Robert Bolden

By | 5 Comments

Watch Jim Ross call this brutal suplex of Eastern Michigan quarterback Robert Bolden.


Vintage Best And Worst: WWF Royal Rumble 1997

By | 21 Comments

David D.'s look back at the mid-1990s returns with the vintage Best and Worst of WWF Royal Rumble 1997. The Attitude Era is upon us...


WWE Interviewed The Future Of Their Company And The Best Part Was A CM Punk Joke

By | 44 Comments spoke to Sami Zayn, Kevin Steen, Fergal Devitt, Hideo Itami and Adrian Neville about being the future of WWE. Also, CM Punk's moves.

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