LeBron Hands Portland A Gift; Steve Nash Destroys Ricky Rubio

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Some teams get rusty with a seven-day delay like Miami was coming off of.


The Bucks Hunt Down The Lakers; Andre Iguodala Has The Best Dunk Of The Season

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Nothing hurts more than losing your spot at the gym because you lost to a bunch of random dudes.


Trailer: The Making of Jimmer

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Growing up, Jimmer Fredette always dreamed of playing in the NBA.


Nuggets’ Kenneth Faried Drops The Best First NBA Bucket Ever


In Kenneth Faried's first game, he had four rebounds and zero points.


Daily Fantasy Diagnosis: 12.30

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Beast of the Night: Ty Lawson finished with 25 points, four rebounds, three assists, eight steals and two three-pointers last night in a loss to the Trail Blazers. He shot 63 percent (10-16) from the field, 75 percent (3-4) from the free-throw line and had two turnovers.


A Dime Q&A With Lamont Peterson: The Man Who Made Tyreke Evans


When I first met Tyreke Evans five years ago, I came away unsure that the 6-foot-6 high school sophomore could dunk.


The NBA’s Top 5 Up-And-Coming Backcourts

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In the last decade, the NBA has transformed from being a big man's league into a guard's league.


The Knicks Win Tyson Chandler’s Debut; Minnesota & Kevin Love Light It Up

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New Jersey will be coming for that NYC crown soon enough, but at least for now, the Knicks are still the big brother.


The Top 10 Rookies In The NBA


It seems like forever ago that the members of this year's draft class were welcomed to the NBA.


The Top 10 Best College Three-Point Shooters Ever

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This season, college basketball is celebrating the 25th anniversary of the three-point shot.


Video: Highlights From Donte Greene’s Goon Squad Classic

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While it seemed all eyes were on the charity games hosted by Drew Gooden and Rajon Rondo this weekend, there was another game going on as well.

Will Barton

Duke Is Unbeatable In Maui; Metta World Peace Challenges MJ To A Game Of 1-On-1

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If Duke played all of their games out in Maui, they might end up as the greatest college team ever.


What We’ve All Been Waiting For: Jimmer Fredette vs. Kemba Walker

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Back in the day, real summer battles meant two players going back and forth, D-ing each other up and playing for respect.


Pau Gasol Isn’t Listening To The Haters; Derek Fisher & David Stern Had A Secret Agreement?

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For everyone out there calling for Pau Gasol's head, saying he fell off and was embarrassing in the playoffs and that the Lakers need to trade him to have a shot at another title, he has a few words for you: "Thanks for the trust.

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