Robbie Gould

Bears Kicker Robbie Gould Had Some Critical Words For Coach Trestman Following Yet Another Bears Loss

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I'm confident Marc Trestman won't be getting a Christmas card from Robbie Gould this year


All The Things You Never Cared To Know About Bears Starting QB Jimmy Clausen

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I'm also pretty sure he throws right-handed and most importantly, isn't Jay Cutler.


Jimmy Claussen Won't Go To Supercuts Again

By | 5 Comments

Carolina Panthers backup quarterback Jimmy Clausen is no stranger to controversy, as he had a couple run-ins with the law during his days at Notre Dame.


Carolina Panthers Officially 0-1

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In an announcement akin to holding a Christmas present that feels like it's jeans and opening it to find out that, yep, it's jeans, the Carolina Panthers have made rookie Cam Newton their official Week 1 starter against the Arizona Cardinals.


Please Don’t Tell Me Choosing Between Andrew Luck And Jimmy Clausen Is A Hard Decision

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Jimmy Clausen has been one of the worst quarterbacks in the NFL this season, and that's not hyperbole.

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