Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales Doesn’t Need Donations From Gamergate’s ‘Vicious A-holes’


Jimmy Wales penned a spectacular slap-down of Gamergate supporters hoping to sway the Wikipedia founder's opinions with bribery.


25 Wikipedia Personal Appeal Juxtapositions That Bring The Lulz


Ever since Jimmy Wales and Wikipedia relaunched their personal appeals pledge drive I've had humorous juxtaposition screengrab after humorous juxtaposition screengrab pop on my radar on a daily basis.


Wales And Whales Just Wanna Say Hi

Watch A Bunch Of Dogs Experience Sunlight And Grass For The First Time |UPROXX| Stanley From ‘The Office’ Has A Music Video, Your World Is Forever Turned Upside Down |UPROXX| R.


Jimmy Wales Is The New Derek Zoolander Or Something

I hesitated to embrace Wikipedia front man and staring contest champion Jimmy Wales as the new Derek Zoolander when I saw the above image on Reddit.


Google Sick of Jimmy Wales Too, Donates $500K

You kind of have to feel bad for Jimmy Wales, who currently runs Wikipedia with an iron fist; he keeps posting those personal appeals and pretty much just gets ruthlessly mocked for them.

wikipedia cat

RIP Wikipedia?

One of the ways that the internet has indisputably changed modern life is through the ability to obtain information quickly and easily, and perhaps no web entity has done more to enhance that than Wikipedia.


Has The Mainstream Media Noticed Tunisia Yet?

World News People have been rioting in Tunis, Tunisia after weeks of unrest following the suicide of Mohamed Bouazizi, who killed himself after police seized his fruit stand.


Links With These Important Messages

2010: The Year of the Meme [Uproxx] How Excited Are You For Tax Season.


How Much Money Has Wikipedia’s Creepy Campaign Raised?


We've been making fun of Wikipedia's urgent pleas from founder Jimmy Wales for awhile now, but one thing is undeniable: their campaign is working.


Please Read: A Personal Appeal From These Links

Wikipedia’s Increasingly Angry Pleas for Cash (photoshops) [TSJ] New red band trailer for Finnish killer Santa Claus movie [Filmdrunk] Finally, a game with no announcers [ CBS's all-internet lineup [WarmingGlow] Still The Greatest Sports Highlight Of All Time [KSK] T H A N K C [...].


Who’s Trying To Buy Who This Week?

Google is in talks with Groupon to possibly buy the local deals website, which started only two years ago and yet already generates an estimated $50 million in monthly revenue from the desirable local retail market.

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