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J.J. Abrams Hates ‘Star Trek The Video Game’ More Than You Do

By | 16 Comments

J.J. Abrams says 'Star Trek The Video Game' is "a big disappointment" which "arguably hurt" the box office reception for 'Star Trek Into Darkness'.


J.J. Abrams Will Not Direct The Next ‘Star Trek’ Movie

By | 12 Comments

It's no surprise, but now it's official: J.J. Abrams will not direct the next 'Star Trek' movie. Here's a parody video of what could have been.


JJ Abrams’ Mysterious Trailers Are For A Book

By | 6 Comments

Between Star Wars: Episode VII, the Star Trek movie franchise and even <a href="" target="_blank">the video game that he’s working on with Valve</a>, as well as his possible involvement in the production of Portal and Half-Life movies, it’s very easy to become confused when it comes to JJ Abrams news.


Simon Pegg Pranks Benedict Cumberbatch And The Rest Of The ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ Cast (VIDEO)

By | 4 Comments

Simon Pegg pranks Benedict Cumberbatch and other actors on the 'Star Trek Into Darkness' set.


Benedict Cumberbatch Won't Be In Star Wars: Episode VII, According To Guy On Internet

By | 22 Comments

By now you’ve probably read the rumors that Sherlock star and Star Trek Into Darkness villain Benedict Cumberbatch is <a href="" target="_blank">rumored to be J.J. Abrams’ pick for the Sith/Dark Side bad guy</a> in Star Wars: Episode VII.


Benedict Cumberbatch Rumored For 'Star Wars: Episode VII', And Here's Who He May Play

By | 10 Comments

Benedict Cumberbatch may soon be working with J.J. Abrams again in 'Star Wars: Episode VII'.


JJ Abrams Wants Benedict Cumberbatch To Star In The New 'Star Wars'

By | 11 Comments

The "Sherlock" star may just be headed for the silver screen yet again with rumors circulating about his supposed "Star Wars" plans.


Guess Who Put The Kibosh On A ‘Star Trek’ TV Series Starring Worf

By | 15 Comments

Michael Dorn says a 'Star Trek' TV series was in the works which would focus on Worf, his Klingon character from TNG and DS9.


But what does it mean?!? JJ Abrams releases a mysterious new teaser.

By | 29 Comments

Because directing the last Star Trek movie and the next Star Wars movie apparently isn't enough work for him, JJ Abrams and his Bad Robot production company recently released this mysterious teaser to <a href="" target="_blank">Entertainment Weekly.</a> Only he didn't say what it was for.


Ryan Gosling Might Be Up For Luke Skywalker’s Son In ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’

By | 44 Comments

As 2015 continues to grow into the summer of the Mega Blockbuster – between The Avengers: Age of Ultron, Batman vs.


'Star Wars: Episode VII' Character Details Leak

By | 10 Comments

Here's a casting breakdown for 'Star Wars: Episode VII', plus a funny Star Wars elevator prank video.


John Williams Is Most Likely Going To Score ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’

By | 11 Comments

As details of <a href="" target="_blank">the future of the Star Wars franchise have trickled out</a>, most notably those of Episode VII being helmed by director JJ Abrams, a lot of people have been asking questions about how much will be carried over from Episode VI: Return of the Jedi, which was released in 1983.


Box Office: Young chicks hate Star Trek

By | 48 Comments

I sat next to a fidgety gay couple at my screening of Star Trek, but I thought it was just because I lived in San Francisco.


Jonathan Rhys Meyers Has His Creepy Eyes On ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’?

By | 5 Comments

Jonathan Rhys Meyers may working with J.J. Abrams again for 'Star Wars: Episode VII'. Maybe he'll play a character who hates airports.


Honest Trailer: Star Trek


JJ Abrams' reboot of Star Trek gets the always entertaining <a href="">Honest Trailer</a> treatment.


'Star Trek Into Darkness' Drops A First Look At A Klingon And More Of Alice Eve's Underwear

By | 4 Comments

Four new clips from 'Star Trek Into Darkness' show a Klingon, Alice Eve in her bra and panties again, and some Scotty comic relief.


New ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ Clip: Benedict Cumberbatch Is In A Glass Case Of Emotion

By | 5 Comments

Paramount has released an intense new 'Star Trek Into Darkness' clip in which Kirk and Cumberbatch square off during an interrogation through a glass cage.


Get LOST In The Best Works Of Pop Culture Art In ‘The Bad Robot Art Experience’ At Gallery 1988

By | 5 Comments

'The Bad Robot Art Experience' features art celebrating 'LOST', 'Star Trek', and other works involving J.J. Abrams and his Bad Robot production company.


‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ Clip Hints At The Klingon Cameo (Plus Character Posters)

By | 11 Comments

Qapla'! We already knew there would be Klingons in 'Star Trek Into Darkness'. Now Paramount has released a clip which may involve those Klingons.


Two New ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ Clips Totally Violated Our Prime Directive

By | 6 Comments

New 'Star Trek Into Darkness' clips make Captain Kirk choose between saving a friend or upholding the Prime Directive.

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