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JMSN Casts A Vintage Vibe On ‘Foolin’ Video

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JMSN delivers a throwback video for "Foolin."

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The Best Non-Rap Albums You Should’ve Heard In 2014

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Everything we loved from outside the Hip-Hop world in 2014

The Blue Album

JMSN – ‘Addicted’

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Listen to the latest from JMSN with the new song "Addicted."

The Blue Album

You Can’t Play JMSN And Freddie Gibbs’ ‘Street Sweeper (Remix)’ Just Once

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Listen to JMSN's remix of "Street Sweeper" featuring Freddie Gibbs.


JMSN – ‘Street Sweeper’

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The other blue-eyed crooner not-named-Justin returns.



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German producer drops a new freebie for the fans.


Guilt-Free Listening: JMSN’s ‘Pllajë’ EP


Pour up some wine that's been on chill. Look through the scrapbook you and your ex put together months ago. Dim the lights and allow JMSN take care of the rest.


JMSN – “The One”

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Only on a fourth listen, JMSN's "The One" already ranks as a personal favorite from 2013.


JMSN – “Walk Away”

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JMSN's †Priscilla† was lowkey a highly impressive debut album from the still super-enigmatic do-everything artist.

The Patriarch II

Deniro Farrar Ft. JMSN – “Separate” x ‘The Patriarch II’ Mixtape

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With Ryan Hemsworth behind the boards and Deniro Farrar's intricate internal battles being complimented by a hook from JMSN, the sheer talent aboard "Separate" should draw folks in alone.

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Ab-Soul x JMSN – “You’re Gone”

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Without naming names, TDE stalwarts Ab-Soul and Kendrick Lamar have, on occasion, fallen victim to featured vocalists who can't help but derail their otherwise great songs.


JMSN Feat. Gilbere Forte, ANTHM & Deniro Farrar – “Somewhere” (Remix)


JMSN's remix to "Somewhere" is reminiscent of a late night/early morning solo car ride, where the sun is creeping up to start anew, as you drift closer to the needed sleep you've been avoided for hours.

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JMSN – “Jameson” (Shelter Point Remix)

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We tipped you off to JMSN's impressive debut album, †Priscilla†, a couple of months ago, and now it seems that others are starting to take note of the talented alternative R&B artist.


Uncovering The Brilliance Of JMSN’s “Priscilla”

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Armed with a dynamic full-length debut, †Priscilla†, Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter JMSN is primed to ride the creative new wave that has washed across R&B music over the past year or so.


Prepare To Be Mind F*cked: JMSN’s “Something” Video

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If by the end of any music video you find yourself wondering, "What the hell did I just watch.

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