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Joaquin Phoenix Professed His Love For Amy Poehler On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ Last Night

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Joaquin Phoenix gave another bizarre interview on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' last night in which he confessed a crush on Amy Poehler.


Review: ‘Inherent Vice’ Is A Gorgeous, Infuriating Ode To The Addled, Alienated 1970s

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'Inherent Vice' is as bonkers and hard to get through as an actual Pynchon novel (but much nicer to look at).

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Joaquin Phoenix Dies Inside Every Time He Does An Interview, As Evidenced By This Video

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This video sums up Joaquin Phoenix's struggle better than anything we've ever seen.

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Joaquin Phoenix Totally Made Up That Story About Being Engaged To His Yoga Instructor

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In what should come as little surprise, Joaquin Phoenix apparently just completely made up a story about being engaged to a yoga instructor.


Joaquin Phoenix Announced His Engagement With This Weird Romantic Story On ‘Letterman’

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Joaquin Phoenix is promoting 'Inherent Vice' on 'Letterman' and spilled the bills on his pending nuptials with odd romantic tale.

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Joaquin Phoenix Praises A Marvel Film And Sheds Some Light On The ‘Doctor Strange’ Casting Rumors

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Joaquin Phoenix opened up to Playboy about his thoughts on the 'Doctor Strange' casting rumors and what he looks for in a role.

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Benedict Cumberbatch To Play ‘Doctor Strange’

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Bandicoot Cummerbund -- er, Benedict Cumberbatch -- is set to play Marvel's 'Doctor Strange'.

doctor strange

Ewan McGregor May Wave His Magic Wand Around As ‘Doctor Strange’

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Now that Joaquin Phoenix won't be 'Doctor Strange', Ewan McGregor may play the titular medical professional of unusual disposition.

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‘Doctor Strange’ Loses Joaquin Phoenix As Marvel Goes Back To The Drawing Board

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'Doctor Strange' just can't seem to cast its lead. Maybe it's the goatee?

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The Latest Actor Boarding The ‘Dr. Strange’ Rumor Train? Ethan Hawke.

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After months of speculation that Joaquin Phoenix will play Dr. Strange for Marvel Studios, it might be Ethan Hawke now.


PTA’s ‘Inherent Vice’ Lookin’ Like Lebowski Meets American Hustle In First Trailer

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Paul Thomas Anderson's adaptation of Thomas Pynchon stars Joaquin Phoenix as a hippie private dick.


PT Anderson’s ‘Inherent Vice’ Has A Trailer And A Sense Of Humor

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The first official trailer for PT Anderson's drugged out 'Inherent Vice' will make you laugh.

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Marvel Might Be Close To A Doctor Strange, And It Is…

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Who is Doctor Strange? Apparently we're one step away from a definitive answer.

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Joaquin Phoenix Rumored To Be Bringing The Strange To ‘Doctor Strange’

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Now that 'Doctor Strange' has a director, let's speculate upon rumors Joaquin Phoenix will play the titular medical professional of unusual disposition.


Joaquin Phoenix’s Voldemort-y Forehead Is The Ultimate ‘When You See It…’

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Definitive proof that Joaquin Phoenix is one of our truly great actors.


Here’s Daniel Radcliffe Wearing A Baby Tee While Walking A Dozen Poodles

By | 9 Comments

Daniel Radcliffe came here to walk dogs and wear tiny t-shirts, and he's got plenty of both.


A Look At The Brilliant And Funny Posters Inspired By Best Picture Nominee ‘Her’

By | 6 Comments

Spike Jonze's "Her" has inspired some hilarious and brilliant alternative posters. Here are the best.


Does The Plot Of ‘Her’ Remind You Of The 80s Classic ‘Weird Science’?

By | 11 Comments

This new mash-up will make you wonder if 'Her' is just a new version of 'Weird Science,' but we assure you that's not the case.


The Singularity Is Hilarious: Some Words About ‘Her’

By | 74 Comments

If you watch "Her" looking for some pat "message" like some Freudian Armond White acolyte, you're missing out on the fun.

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