Complaining About Your New Job On Twitter Is A Good Way To Get Fired Before You Even Start

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A girl about to start working at a pizza place learned the hard way why you don't complain about a job you haven't started yet on Twitter.


A Swagged-Out Ivy League Grad Took To ‘Skeezy-Ass’ Craigslist To Demand A Dog-Walking Job

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You probably won't ever read a better request for dog-walking jobs than the one this Seattle man posted on Craigslist.


‘Professional Cuddler’ Is An Actual Job And Business Seems To Be Good

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Portland's Samantha Hess is living the American dream, as her professional cuddling company is growing by leaps and bounds.


Christian Bale’s Upcoming Performance As Steve Jobs Looks A Bit Familiar

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Something about this Steve Jobs biopic seems familiar, but we just can't put our finger on it.


Meet ‘Maggie,’ A University Of Maryland Student Making $180K A Year As A Stripper

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The story's not that unheard of, a girl stripping her way through college, but the amount of money that this student makes is unreal.


David Fincher Set To Direct A Remake Of The Seminal Ashton Kutcher Classic ‘Jobs’

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Fight Club director David Fincher has signed on to direct a remake of the classic Ashton Kutcher film, 'Jobs.'


Death to the Biopic: 11 Movie Concepts That Need to Die in 2014

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Death to the celebrity biopic and protagonists who love jazz.


The Worst Movies Of 2013 Pt. 2: Two More Bombs For The Tire Fire

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In an update to our Worst Movies of 2013, here are two bad films that were egregiously and unforgivably left off the original list.

Robby Leonardi

NYC Tech Guy Robby Leonardi Has The Coolest Resume Ever


NYC tech guy Robby Leonardi created a resume that is also an interactive video game. He will probably have ALL OF THE JOBS after this goes viral.


London’s Brent Council Is Replacing Its Receptionists With A Hologram Named Shanice

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The council of London's borough of Brent is replacing human receptionists with a hologram that has a limited ability to answer questions.

#Kick Ass 2

Box Office: Kick-Ass 2 opens almost as badly as R.I.P.D.

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Lee Daniels' The Butler (we can thank Warner Bros' litigiousness for that mouthful of a title) opened at number one this week, with an estimated $25 million in domestic box office.


Wozniak on Jobs: “A lot of what was wrong came from Ashton’s own image of Jobs.”

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Steve Wozniak, the chubby, lovable half of Apple, wrote a short review of Jobs (our review) for Gizmodo: I saw Jobs tonight.

#Kick Ass 2

Weekend Movie Guide: ‘GAME ON, C*CKSUCKERS!’

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Opening Everywhere: Kick-Ass 2, Jobs, Paranoia, Lee Daniels’ The Butler FilmDrunk Suggests: Normally, I’d be a lot more excited about Kick-Ass 2, but all of this Jim Carrey stuff has really soured me on it, and it’s getting ripped to shreds all over the place – even Vince, who absolutely raved about The Smurfs 2 and apparently hated Kick-Ass 2 – so I have nothing to be excited about.



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Imagine if they made a movie with Ashton Kutcher, and they gave it ALL OF THE TAGLINES.


73 times. They said ‘Steve’ 73 times.

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I saw the Jackie Jormp Jomp movie about how Kelso Kutcher kind of looks like Steve Jobs last night, and while I'll have a full review for you soon, I wanted to drop in early and point out that I counted no less than SEVENTY-THREE uses of "Steve.


Ashton Kutcher Offered Some Pretty Sound Advice At The Teen Choice Awards

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Jobs star Ashton Kutcher channeled Steve Jobs in his acceptance speech for the Ultimate Choice Award at last night's Teen Choice Awards.


Fake Jobs vs. Real Jobs


Can you tell which of these bizarre job titles are real and which are fake.


Video: Ashton Kutcher Told CNBC That George Clooney Is ‘A Little’ Naive About Hollywood

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Over at Deadline, you can read the very interesting and somewhat confusing story of Third Point hedge fund CEO Daniel Loeb and his recent attempt to convince Sony to spin off its entertainment division in the wake of After Earth and, sigh, White House Down bombing at the box office.


‘Jobs’ Has A Fancy Instagram Trailer Now

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We’re a month away from watching Ashton Kutcher wear a turtleneck and pretend he’s Steve Jobs in the new film Jobs, so it’s crunch time for the marketing department to really start pumping out the clever ideas to make us think that this isn’t just Michael Kelso with a beard talking about computers.

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