Joe Biden Secretly Filmed A Cameo For ‘Parks And Recreation’

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Joe Biden filmed a scenelet for 'Parks and Recreation,' in which Leslie Knope comes on to the Vice President.


Bad Lip Reading: 2012 Debate Highlights


The 2012 debates receive the <a href="http://clipnation.com/tag/bad-lip-reading/">Bad Lip Reading</a> treatment, and the result is predictably hilarious and absurd.


SNL: Vice Presidential Debate


Joe Biden (Jason Sudeikis) and Paul Ryan (Taran Killam) get a little testy.

vp debate

Last Night’s Veep Debate Set To Autotuned Music, Just As Jesus Wanted It To Be


Obviously, the only way to get through this time with your sanity intact is to laugh at it all, so take it away, Gregory Brothers!


Songified: Vice Presidential Debate


The 2012 Vice Presidential Debate gets "Songified," and neither VP candidate can refrain from nodding along.

vice president

The Best Images And GIFs From Last Night’s Veep-Tastic Biden V. Ryan Debate

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In which we learned Joe Biden is Jim Halpert, Paul Ryan totally crushes weights during debates BRAH, and both make for mighty fine GIFs.


Joe Biden Laughs Inappropriately


Joe Biden's game plan to laugh incredulously at everything his opponent said during the Vice Presidential Debate was wildly inappropriate at times.


The Vice Presidential Debate Summarized In One Picture, Cats Inventing Dubstep, And Links


Today's links, featuring the Vice Presidential Debate between Paul Ryan and Joe Biden summarized and proof that cats originated dubstep.

#jimmy fallon

Political Whispers


Political correspondent Peggy Hess (Jimmy Fallon) uses his highly sensitive microphones to listen in on what politicians say on the stage.


Joe Biden’s Aviator Fist Bump


Vice President Joe Biden dons his aviators and gives Kal Penn a fist bump.


The Worst Presidential Slogans of 2012


This year's Presidential campaign has been marred by lousy taglines.


Joe Biden Mistakes Virginia for North Carolina


While campaigning in Danville, VA, Vice President Joe Biden tells the crowd: "With you, and I mean this, we can win North Carolina again.

trusty old gaffe machines

Joe Biden Is Back, Baby!


The cranking up of the 2012 presidential campaign does have a bright side: trusty old gaffe machine Joe Biden being let out of his cage. The man dishes gaffes like Chris Paul dishes assists.


Joe Biden: 'Will & Grace' Taught America Being Gay Is OK

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Over the weekend, Vice President Joe Biden appeared on "Meet the Press" to discuss his thoughts on, among other things, gay marriage.

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Joe Biden Gets The Bad Lip Reading Treatment


We've been waiting patiently for <a href="http://badlipreading.tumblr.com/post/21238724831">BadLipReading</a>'s triumphant return, and they did not disappoint.


Conan's Celebrity 'Why Would You Tweet That?' Bit Killed Last Night

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So that was a pretty eventful Conan last night, huh.

lube jokes

Joe Biden Makes Lube Joke When Introducing Irish Prime Minister

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It's been a while since Joe Biden, <a href="<iframe width=">lover of sandwiches and ice cream</a>, has put has said something odd that's made news.

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