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Ant Man

Evangeline Lilly Officially Boards 'Ant-Man', Corey Stoll In Talks

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Evangeline Lilly has closed her deal to play a lead role in 'Ant-Man' and other Marvel movies, and Corey Stoll ('House Of Cards') is negotiating for a role.

Ant Man

Evangeline Lilly In Talks For A Multi-Movie Role Starting With ‘Ant-Man’

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Evangeline Lilly is now in talks with Marvel to play the female lead in 'Ant-Man'.

Ant Man

Michael Pena Offered ‘Ant-Man’ Role, Rashida Jones And Bryce Dallas Howard Still In The Mix


The newest 'Ant-Man' rumors include a part for Michael Pena and new information on a character Rashida Jones or Bryce Dallas Howard might play.

Ant Man

Which Ant-Man Is Paul Rudd Playing? Edgar Wright Drops A Hint.

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'Ant-Man' director Edgar Wright posted a picture which hints at the storyline upon which Paul Rudd's character will be based.

Ant Man

Paul Rudd Is Officially Ant-Man, So Let’s Break Out The GIFs And EXCLUSIVE Test Footage

By | 33 Comments

Marvel officially announced Paul Rudd is Ant-Man, so let's check out this exclusive test footage and celebrate with GIFs.

Ant Man

Paul Rudd Will Play Ant-Man for Edgar Wright and Marvel

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Paul Rudd is close to a deal to play Ant-Man, in Marvel's Ant-Man, being directed by Edgar Wright and written by Joe Cornish.

Attack The Block

Attack The Enterprise: Joe Cornish May Be Directing ‘Star Trek 3′

By | 7 Comments

The director of 'Attack The Block' may be taking on the next 'Star Trek' flick...


Paramount wants Attack the Block director Joe Cornish for Star Trek 3

By | 18 Comments

According to a new report in Deadline, Paramount and Skydance Productions Attack the Block director Joe Cornish is their choice to direct Star Trek 3.

Ant Man

The 'Ant-Man' Rumors About Paul Rudd And Rashida Jones Get Even More Awesome

By | 19 Comments

The rumors about Rashida Jones, Paul Rudd, and the 'Ant-Man' movie gain more steam, and we want to believe.

Ant Man

Awesome Rumor Of The Day: Rashida Jones And Paul Rudd May Reunite For ‘Ant-Man’

By | 13 Comments

A questionable source shared an awesome rumor that we're hoping is true about Rashida Jones, Paul Rudd, and the 'Ant-Man' movie.

Ant Man

‘Ant-Man’ Role Narrowing Down To Paul Rudd And Joseph Gordon-Levitt

By | 29 Comments

Paul Rudd and Joseph Gordon-Levitt are Marvel's top picks to play Ant-Man. This is the excuse we needed for GIFs.

joe cornish

"Snow Crash" Supposedly Getting A Film Adaptation

By | 7 Comments

Back when Neal Stephenson wrote books instead of lengthy dissertations that you had to hack the novel out of with a machete (that is, the early '90s), he wrote a book called "Snow Crash".


New trailer for Aventures of Tintin, that *other* Spielberg movie

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Steven Spielberg slaps his name on a lot of random crap like Transformers and Cowboys and Aliens and Real Steel, but when it comes to movies he's actually directed, there hasn't been one since Indy 4 in 2008.


Review: Attack the Block is like Super 8, but with a point

By | 16 Comments

I don't know if I can review Attack the Block the same way I would if I'd seen it a different year.


Can Spielberg save mo-cap? Full-Length Trailer for Tintin.

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After the jump, we've got the first full trailer for The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn, a collaboration between Steven Spielberg (directing), Peter Jackson, and digital effects company WETA.


Spielberg likes mo-cap too: New picture from TinTin

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Sideways Brohawks vs. Aliens: New Attack the Block trailer

By | 11 Comments

After the jump, I've got the new red-band trailer for Attack the Block ("Inner City vs.


“Attack the Block” finds distributor, but will it have subtitles?

By | 18 Comments

I wasn't able to attend SXSW because one of my stupid friends got married like an idiot, but virtually everyone I heard from who <a href="" target="_blank">saw Attack the Block</a>, the Edgar Wright-produced tale of an alien invasion striking a South London housing project, said it it was the movie of the festival.


WITNESS: The Sideways Brohawk, the new coolest haircut of all time

By | 20 Comments

Here we have the trailer for Attack the Block, opening this Spring in the UK (no release date set in the US yet), which is basically Shaun of the Dead, but with aliens instead of zombies, and a group of black kids instead of Simon Pegg.

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