#Oscars 2015

The Best Twitter Reactions To Last Night’s Oscars Ceremony


We've rounded up some Twitter responses to last night's Oscars that are probably more entertaining than the show itself.


Comedian Creates NBA Team Names By Word Association. Now, There Are Logos.

Last week, comedian Joe Mande decided to change the name of every NBA team based on the first thing he could think of for each city.


Joe Mande & Noah Garfinkel Tell Pete Holmes About Getting Really High And Going To A Fox News Show Taping


If you're going to attend a taping of Mike Huckabee's Fox News show, you should probably get really high to get through it.


It Was Only A Matter Of Time Before Someone Made Anthony Davis Frida Kahlo Paintings


Fewer things were easier to make fun of during the NCAA Tournament than Kentucky Wildcats center Anthony Davis and his incredible unibrow.


Vin Diesel Would Like To Motivate You On Facebook

When Joe Mande posted a few pictures like the one above, saying they were from the Vin Diesel Facebook page with over 30 million "likes", we had to go see for ourselves.


@Storytime: The Random Twitter Feud Of Gilbert Arenas And Joe Mande


Yesterday, when I suggested that Orlando Magic guard Gilbert Arenas should or at least could become the face of the NBA players’ resistance to the accusations that they’re to blame for the terrible contracts the owners gave them, I really wanted to throw together a sampler of his ridiculously stupid, T-shirt Hell-esque Twitter avatars that usually feature corny phrases like “Let’s play GI Joe – I’ll lay down and you blow the hell out of me.


Lopez Tonight: A Look Back On What We'll Be, Ugh, Missing

Yesterday Matt brought us the tragic news that (brace yourselves) tonight's episode of Lopez Tonight on TBS will be the final show.


Watch HBO’s ‘Too Big To Fail’ In 80 Seconds

Did you, like me, miss the airing of HBO's much-hyped "Too Big To Fail" -- the star-studded film on the Wall Street collapse adapted from Andrew Ross Sorkin's book of the same title -- on Monday night.

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