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‘Development’ Isn’t The Word I’d Use

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Nike's World Headquarters Campus near Beaverton, Oregon, has a child day care facility called the Joe Paterno Child Development Center.


Wild Card Wednesday: Hooters Loves Matt Leinart, Celebs Love UFC, And Zhou Lulu!

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Welcome to another installment of Wild Card Wednesday, as I try to cram together all of the awesome, random things that we've been missing out on in favor of the big stories and half-naked Marisa Miller.

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The 10 Creepiest Quotes From The Jerry Sandusky Interview With Bob Costas

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Earlier today, Burnsy sent me an e-mail that read "I suppose we should do something about this" and linked to the <a href="">Lion Eyes</a> transcript of Monday night's phone interview between Bob Costas and Jerry Saundusky.


Sports Fans, Jedi Squirrels, and Links


Thanks to Stinky Pete for screencapping this.


11.11 The Cooler

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Lia Cha Confusing, Depressing Videos & Images From The Penn State Riots [With Leather] HBCU Marching Band Competition To Air On ESPN [The Root] 5 Famous People You Will Never See At Occupy Wall Street [Black Enterprise] The 20 Finest #KutcherTweets [Uproxx] Sean Kingston Says [...].

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Ashton Kutcher: I Can’t Handle The Twitter

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Following his <a href="">impossibly stupid Joe Paterno/Penn State tweet</a> last night and the <a href="">often hilarious reaction to it</a>, Ashton Kutcher has come to a realization, you guys: <a href="">a Twitter account is simply too much for him to handle on his own</a>.


Penn State Fans Rioted Over Joe Paterno

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  Sometimes I think that young people in the Third World look at America and they think, “Why can’t I have that.

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Ashton Kutcher Said Something Impossibly Stupid

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In the event you haven't heard, last night <a href="">Penn State University fired legendary football coach Joe Paterno</a> -- the man who's been the head coaching football there longer than most of the people reading this have been alive -- in the wake of the revelation that he basically looked the other way when he learned that one of his assistants was a child molester.


About This Whole Penn State Scandal

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Obviously the general news media is in an uproar over the happenings at Penn State University this week, as longtime head coach Joe Paterno will retire at the end of this season thanks to no other choice from the school’s Board of Trustees, because his former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky allegedly sexually abused children.

BCS Championship 2011

10 Bowl Games That Won’t Feature Cam Newton

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When Tim TeMoses left college football, grown men wept and screamed that the sport would never be the same. All of those worries were for naught as 2010 has been one of the most exciting years for the sport in [...].



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Joe Paterno had vision correction surgery after his Penn State Nittany Lions played in the Capital One bowl, and he showed off that specs-free look yesterday.

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I might be one of the 15 people on earth that doesn't want Joe Paterno to retire.



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In a stirring accomplishment for "Matlock" fans, Penn State has reportedly signed octogenarian coach Joe Paterno <a href="" target="_blank">to a three-year contract extension</a>.

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