Stephen Curry & Golden State’s Playoff Run: Payback For All The Fans Who Never Left Them


To say that the Golden State Warriors fan base has been tortured over the years would be a huge understatement.

Joe Smith

Jerry Stackhouse’s Lost Season

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During the 2000-01 season, Jerry Stackhouse scored at least 20 points in 73 of the 80 games he suited up for.


The 5 Most Memorable NBA Deals Of The 1999 Lockout

By | 6 Comments

Right now, moves in the NFL are being made so ferociously that I can't even keep up.


Fantasy Trade Analysis: Terrence Williams To Houston

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A three-team deal emerged Tuesday night that had the New Jersey Nets send Terrence Williams to the Houston Rockets and Joe Smith to the Los Angeles Lakers.

#LeBron James

Cleveland should show LeBron “nothing but love,” says Cavs teammate

By | 16 Comments

On paper, it's a matchup between an 11-8 team and a 7-10 team.


Nets Transform into NBA Moneyball Team

By | 8 Comments

Despite being back at college, and no longer operating out of Dime HQ every day, I have still been keeping up with the basketball world - particularly my beloved Nets.


Team USA prepares for Lithuania; Jordan takes another gamble

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We're all the way to the Final Four of the World Championship, and it's still not clear whether Team USA is simply way better than almost everybody, or if they've yet to get a truly tough test (beyond the Brazil game).

Sean May

Nets sign No. 1 NBA Draft pick

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Earlier this week, the New Jersey Nets waived Sean May, who they'd just signed weeks before.

#Chris Paul

Chris Bosh is the new Vince Carter

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It's funny how these NBA team execs get all critical of their superstars after they leave, and act like they weren't all that in the first place, even though they probably just made an impassioned pitch trying to keep said superstar in town.


Chicago’s Hope

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Even with Ben Gordon gone to Detroit cashing huge paychecks and planning his offseason vacation early, it would have been easy to watch last night's Bulls/Celtics game and think it was a replay from last year's classic playoff series.


Can the Hawks win a championship?

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As little attention as I pay to hockey, I always make sure to catch the final seconds of the clinching game of the NHL Finals.

#LeBron James

Atlanta Hawks ’09-10 NBA season preview

By | 20 Comments

The NBA preseason is underway, meaning it's time again for Dime's team-by-team season previews.

#LeBron James

NBA Free Agency: Cavaliers

By | 19 Comments

Although the '09 NBA free agent class isn't as stacked as in years past -- not to mention the League is being more thrifty than ever due to the slumping economy -- teams still have holes they want to plug, and players have moves they want to make.

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