Punch Your Way Through Batman’s 70-Year Cinematic Evolution In This Fantastic Video

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Journey through every theatrical Batman ever made in one handy-dandy, 11-minute video.

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Joel Schumacher Is Rumored To Be Writing A Sequel To ‘Batman And Robin’

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Joel Schumacher is returning to his Batman movies, and through the last route you'd expect.


Michael Keaton Turned Down $15 Million For The Third Batman Movie Because It ‘Sucked’

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Michael Keaton is not mincing words about why he wouldn't do 'Batman Forever', despite the huge pile of money offered.

batman and robin

Joel Schumacher Blames Himself, And Schwarzenegger, For ‘Batman & Robin’

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Joel Schumacher owns up to 'Batman & Robin'... although he does slyly call out a cast member.

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Animaniacs Go Dubstep, 'Game Of Thrones' Cat, And Other Mashups


Featured mashup videos of the week, including Skrillex 'Animaniacs', a cat singing the 'Game of Thrones' theme, a 'Fight Club' remix, and Joel Schumacher's 'Dark Knight Rises'.


Nic Cage Attacked By Fudgsicle-Wielding Naked Dude

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Nicolas Cage is currently in America’s toupee Canada for the Toronto Film Festival, promoting his new film Trespass, which also stars Nicole Kidman and is directed by Joel Schumacher.


Oh Jesus. Joel Schumacher directed a Nic Cage movie.

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Joel Schumacher, the man who put nipples on the bat suit, is back, coming off a film which rated 4% on Rottentomatoes and earned less than a million dollars (and before that was The Number 23, which rated 8%).


Actual Premise: 'Hitch', but with Barry White's ghost

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Drop your c0cks and grab your smocks, folks, for today I come to you bearing VERY IMPORTANT NEWS.


Joel Schumacher’s new movie recreated with bad reviews

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There's a new, super long, nonsensical trailer out for Twelve, from director Joel Schumacher, starring Hollywood super twink Chace Crawford.



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Lost Boys news means Greasy Sax Dude video.

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