‘SNL’ Where Are They Now: The 1970s

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In honor of 'Saturday Night Live's 40th Anniversary special, we took a look back at the cast from the 1970s and where they are now.


John Belushi ‘Saturday Night Live’ Sketches Everyone Should Know

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Despite dying at the tragic age of 33, Belushi left an immense comedic legacy.

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Here’s The Best ‘SNL’ Sketch Of The 1970s, According To Fans

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'The Today Show' reveals the voters' choice for the best 'Saturday Night Live' sketch of the 1970s.

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Watch Long-Lost Rehearsal Footage Of John Belushi, Bill Murray, Gilda Radner From 1974

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Watch Bill Murray and John Belushi pal around before "SNL" premiered.


The Evolution Of John Belushi’s Joe Cocker Impression

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For better or worse, John Belushi's impression of Joe Cocker will forever stand as a part of both men's legacies. Here's how it came to be.

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Why Has ‘Saturday Night Live’ Been So Bad At Sports Parody In Recent Years?

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Despite all of its glaring problems, 'Saturday Night Live' continues to suffer the most when it comes to executing strong sports satire.


Miles Teller Is Going To Play Dan Aykroyd In The John Belushi Biopic

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Emile Hirsch let the cat out of the bag that Hollywood's new favorite Average Joe Young Guy Miles Teller will play Dan Aykroyd in the John Belushi biopic.

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Jim Belushi Thinks His Son Should Play The Guy Who Made Him Famous

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Jim Belushi said that while he thinks Emile Hirsch is a terrific actor, his son, Robert, is the only comedic actor qualified to play John Belushi.

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Emile Hirsch beat out Adam Devine to play John Belushi

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John Belushi: he's not just your poster anymore! Into the Wild's Emile Hirsch has signed on to play John Belushi in a Warner Bros biopic that's been in the works for at least three years. First an Entourage movie and now this?! I just wish Blowjob Stacy and Date Rape Dave were alive to see this. (*pours jungle juice out on ground*)


Here’s Tom Snyder Interviewing Lorne Michaels & The Original ‘SNL’ Cast Just Before The Show Premiered

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In late 1975, just before SNL premiered, the original cast appeared on Tom Snyder's show for a short interview. It's sort of surreal to watch.

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The 10 Most Bitter Behind-The-Scenes ‘SNL’ Feuds

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A list of the most bitter behind-the-scenes feuds at "SNL," including Norm vs. Chris Kattan, Chevy vs. Bill, and Lorne vs. Everyone.

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Nathan Fillion Is A Good Photo Bomber (And More Celebrity Photo Bombs)

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I happened upon a treasure trove of pictures of Nathan Fillion photo bombing people, and that's important.


Todd Phillips producing John Belushi biopic for some reason

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Bob Woodward wrote a biography of John Belushi in 1985 that all his friends hated, which was turned into a 1989 movie starring Michael Chiklis, which his friends boycotted and most people never saw.

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