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The First Ten Minutes Of John Carter Are Kind Of Impressive

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John Carter opens this Friday, so Disney has released a ten-minute clip to show us this is a badass movie, and they decided to accomplish this by including the part at the beginning with Bryan Cranston in it.

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Brad Bird says the media is being unfair to John Carter

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A lot of people talk about media coverage of movies, but few of them understand it first-hand as well as Brad Bird.


John Carter Battles White Apes With Willem Dafoe. Sold.

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Disney's John Carter opens March 9th, but you'd barely know that from how little they've promoted it or explained what the hell the movie is about.


This Week in Posters, Presented by Newsboy Cat

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I know Newsboy Cat here technically isn't a movie poster, or even movie related, per se, I just thought he'd be more fun to have on the first slide of this post than Will Smith's dumb face in the Men in Black 3 poster.


Every movie trailer from the Super Bowl

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Just like always, the Super Bowl yesterday was the only event of the year when people actually watch, let alone discuss, commercials.


Super Bowl Trailer Round-up: Transformers, John Carter, Battleship

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We've already covered the Avengers Super Bowl trailer, but there were a few sci-fi trailers of note from last night's game we haven't mentioned yet.

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“John Carter” Featurette Hits New Low In Audience Expectations

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This is how you know a studio has failed to properly market a movie: they put out a minute long YouTube video explaining what the movie is actually about, complete with pop music and a jokey narrator.


This Week in Posters: Tim & Eric Bobbleheads, Will Ferrell Gets Mexican

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You can see the full version of this new Tim & Eric's Billion Dollar Movie poster on the next page, but I think it's pretty clear that this one's my favorite of the week.


John Carter has a full trailer

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Following up on yesterday's sneak preview from the Today show, Disney has released the full trailer for John Carter.


‘John Carter’ is Cowboys and Aliens in space, basically

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Taylor Kitsch was on the Today Show this morning promoting Disney's John Carter, and after the usual boring talk about doing his own stunts and what length the fans like his hair (BUT WAIT, TELL US ABOUT YOUR WORKOUT REGIMEN.


“John Carter of Mars” Has To Break Records For a Sequel?


Every now and then we get a reminder: film math is not the same as normal math.



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After appearing in more turds than corn, Cuba Gooding Jr.

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