Happy 34th Birthday To Minka Kelly, The Star Of Puddle Of Mudd’s ‘She Hates Me’ Video

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Before she was a star, Minka Kelly appeared in the video for Puddle of Mudd's rock anthem 'She Hates Me' and it was all uphill from there.

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If You’ve Ever Wondered What Sex With DMX or John Mayer Is Like, Have We Got The Reddit Thread For You!

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There's a Reddit thread going right now in which people who have slept with famous people dish on what it was like. It's pretty amusing.


Watch Katy Perry, Kid Rock, John Mayer, And Other Musicians Read Mean Tweets About Themselves On Kimmel

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Jimmy Kimmel had musicians read the nasty stuff being said about them on Twitter in the latest installment of "Mean Tweets."


Aubrey Plaza And John Mayer, Sitting In A Sarcastic Tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G?

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Aubrey Plaza's John Mayer description on "Hollywood Game Night" was both weird and fascinating.

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Katy Perry Isn’t Dating Robert Pattinson Because She Farts In Front Of Him


In her cover interview for September's ELLE UK, Katy Perry claims that she's just friends with Robert Pattinson because she farts in front of him.


John Mayer Would Like To Show You Katy Perry’s Enormous Golden Big Rig

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John Mayer and Katy Perry are on again, you guys! They're totally doing it!!!


Face Mashup: Taylor Swift & John Mayer


Former couple John Mayer and Taylor Swift get their faces mashed up.

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John Mayer’s ‘Paper Doll’ Is Probably A Taylor Swift Diss Track, Right Down To Its Prancercise-Laden Video

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Despite the fact that he's 12-years older than her, John Mayer apparently wrote "Paper Dolls" as a response to Taylor Swift's harsh "Dear John" song.


If They Melded: Katy Perry & John Mayer Edition


<a href="">Conan O’Brien</a> mashes together video footage of celebrities, and the results are horrifying.

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John Mayer Helpfully Explains Jodie Foster's Bizarre Golden Globes Speech

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Did you, like me, watch Jodie Foster's Golden Globes speech in baffled amusement last night? Well thankfully John Mayer is here to explain it to us!

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'SNL' Recap: Seth MacFarlane And Frank Ocean

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A recap of the first episode of SNL's 38th season, with host Seth MacFarlane, musical guest Frank Ocean, and a special guest Psy.

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John Mayer Cancels U.S. Tour, Suspends Career 'Indefinitely' Due To 'Granuloma In His Throat'

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John Mayer hasn't toured in a while due to lingering throat issues, and it looks like it may be even longer before he does: a press release I just received from the Jazz Fest press office says that he's having to cancel his upcoming U.


Did Steve Jobs Hurt His Chances Of Survival By Relying Too Heavily On Alternative Medicine?


Today will be like Christmas for thousands, if not millions, of people today who come into possession of a shiny new iPhone 4S.


Nathan Fillion Is A Good Photo Bomber (And More Celebrity Photo Bombs)

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<a rel="attachment wp-att-36423" href=""></a>I happened upon a treasure trove of pictures of <a href="">Nathan Fillion</a> photo bombing people, and that's important.

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