John Rocker

John Rocker Used A ‘Hail Mary’ Metaphor To Talk About Race

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John Rocker Used An Incredible Metaphor To Share His Opinions About Race Again.

John Rocker

John Rocker To Female ‘Survivor’ Contestant: ‘If You Were A Man, I’d Knock Your Teeth Out’

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You'll be shocked to learn that John Rocker has been booted off 'Survivor' after two episodes.


John Rocker Says ‘Survivor’ Is The Worst Thing He’s Ever Done

By | 22 Comments

Former MLB pitcher and generally-loathed person John Rocker wasn't too pleased with his time on the CBS hit 'Survivor.'


Are You Ready For John Rocker On This Season Of ‘Survivor’?

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John Rocker will compete on this season of Survivor with gays, minorities and black people and yeah, this should be interesting.

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