NBA Free Agency Day 1 Highlights

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Before the first two big fish got snatched up -- Rudy Gay taking $80 million from the Grizzlies and John Salmons about $40 million from Milwaukee -- Day 1 of NBA free agency was shaping up to be the day of the talented-yet-underachieving big man.


10 NBA Players with the Highest “Swagger Rating”

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Right up there with Wrestlemania, Major League Baseball's opening day, and any time Serena Williams is on the tennis court, the annual release date for Madden is one of my unofficial sports-related holidays.

Wes Johnson

Last-minute rumors and trades before the 2010 NBA Draft

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Later on tonight, 60 ballplayers will live out a dream moment, while at least 60 more will feel the sting of getting pretty close to the dream but falling short.


Corey Maggette traded to the Milwaukee Bucks

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A few hours after the rumors initially surfaced, the Warriors and Bucks completed a trade sending Corey Maggette and the 44th pick in Thursday's NBA Draft to Milwaukee in exchange for Charlie Bell and Dan Gadzuric.


3 Things the Atlanta Hawks Have To Do This Summer

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By hiring former Mike Woodson assistant Larry Drew as its next head coach, the Hawks sent a message: Things need to change around here.


Raptors & Thunder: A Match Made In Heaven

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The Raptors and Thunder are two teams heading in starkly different directions.

#Chris Paul

3 Things the Milwaukee Bucks Have To Do This Summer

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On just about every level of basketball, a coach's fate is largely determined by the expectations preceding him.


NBA Rumor: John Salmons Could Sign With The Hawks

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If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. As one of the oldest sayings goes, John Salmons could do just that this summer.


Kobe Bryant wins Game 1, LeBron wins MVP 2, Atlanta wins Game 7

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All it took was one game to make the first round a memory.


Bucks one win away from an upset; Nuggets avoid elimination

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These games don't count toward the voting, so all Brandon Jennings is doing is making the Rookie of the Year argument even more heated for no reason.


Tyreke Evans is the NBA’s (only) Rookie of the Year

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One of the great pains in the ass about working for Dime is that too many people are convinced we all think with the same brain.


“Brandon Roy is gonna fight!”

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So it wasn't exactly Willis Reed or Daniel LaRusso, but the scene in Portland when Brandon Roy stepped back onto the court yesterday was pretty amazing nonetheless.


NBA Rumor: John Salmons To Test Free Agency

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Just a few months ago, John Salmons was left for dead.


Carmelo dominates Day 1 of NBA Playoffs; KG fights Miami solo

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Fights, technicals, rim-abusing dunks, explosive rookie debuts, superstars taking over.

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