John Travolta's Response To His Idina Menzel Gaffe Was Predictably Cheesy

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After introducing Idina Menzel as 'Adele Dazeem' before her Oscar performance, John Travolta issued a heartfelt apology. Well, his publicist did.


What Would Your Favorite Athletes' Names Be If They Were Travolta-fied?

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Let's find out what our favorite athletes' names would be if they were Travolta-fied. You know, for science!


'Conan' Highlights The Real Beneficiaries Of John Travolta's Embarrassing Oscar Flub

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The folks at 'Conan' get their hands on yet another shocking truth, this time regarding John Travolta's embarrassing Oscar moment with Idina Menzel.


John Travolta Is Probably Your Next ‘Bond’ Villain, Says John Travolta

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John Travolta playing a 'Bond' villain almost doesn't NOT make sense.


John Travolta Will Play A Crotch-Grabbing Gummy Bear. Of Course.

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Inexplicably-popular music and video game franchise 'Gummy Bear' is getting a movie starring John Travolta.

Bruce Willis

20 Surprising ‘Pulp Fiction’ Facts You Might Not Know

By | 37 Comments

There's a lot more going on in the Tarantino universe than you might have expected. Test your 'Pulp Fiction' knowledge.


John Travolta: Ruining Alcohol (And Brazil) The Same Way He Ruined Christmas

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Former Hollywood person-of-note John Travolta makes an appearance in a Brazilian rum commercial, and it is gloriously insane.


John Travolta Turned Down ‘Flight’ Because Do You Even Fly, Bro?

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Wax sculpture John Travolta, who seems like he says words like "potty" and "silly" even when he's not talking to kids, recently claimed that he turned down the lead in Flight.


Deniro and Travolta Flirt On Set, Almost Kiss


So first of all, just want to give a big "not really" to that headline.


Here’s what a John Travolta/Robert DeNiro movie that goes straight to VOD looks like

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Can you imagine how bad a movie starring John Travolta and Robert DeNiro would have to be to go straight to VOD.


John Travolta crashed a wedding

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While many of his acting peers are beloved, their every real-life good deed fawned over by hundreds of websites, John Travolta has never quite been embraced by the internet generation.

Bruce Willis

Pulp Fiction almost starred Daniel Day-Lewis as Vincent Vega

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Oral history articles are like my crack, and I've seen Pulp Fiction about a billion times, so <a href="" target="_blank">Vanity Fair's new oral history </a>of Pulp Fiction was of obvious interest.


John Travolta And Olivia Newton-John Ruined Christmas For Everyone

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Just in time for Christmas, a horrible song about Christmas.

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John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John’s Christmas Music Video is Here!

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Before we start making fun of John Travolta, let's remember that he does a lot of charity work, recently <a href="" target="_blank">donating</a> money and supplies to Hurricane Sandy relief, and he's been known to fly planeloads of supplies to disaster areas like Haiti and Hurricane Katrina.


John Travolta healed a car accident victim with Scientology magic

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Scientologists take a lot of crap, probably because they've dedicated their lives to a crazy story about alien spirits a science fiction writer made up to scam rich people.

actors in bands

John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John made a Christmas album. In 2012.

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John Travolta, no stranger to doing embarrassing things, is apparently releasing a Christmas album with his former Grease co-star Olivia Newton-John.


Andy Garcia was almost in Big, but the studio said he was “too Puerto Rican”

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Penny Marshall recently wrote a memoir, My Mother is Nuts, which is apparently full of Hollywood stories in addition to the usual blah blah my family stuff that's always in memoirs (kudos to Penny for not revealing some decades-old story of molestation and/or drug use to promote her book, that alone speaks to her being a class act).

l ron hubbard

The 10 Greatest Lines From The Official Scientology Album, With Special Guest John Travolta

By | 4 Comments

A collection of the best lyrics from the Scientology album, "The Road to Freedom," written by L. Ron Hubbard and featuring John Travolta.


FOLLOW-UP: John Travolta is super gay. Does anyone care yet?

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I've basically been avoiding the "new masseuse says Vince Vega diddled his dong.

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