Donald Trump Has Revealed The Latest ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ Cast And There Are Some Real Gems This Season

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The new 'Celebrity Apprentice' cast has been revealed and it's everything we hoped it could be and more.


What I Think Selected Baseball Players Probably Smell Like

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Brandon and I were trading emails yesterday, discussing our respective regional weather calamities (me = underwater, him = on fire), when he asked if I could help him out with a feature or a couple posts today.


The Dugout: SFinal Destination 3

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This Ride Will Be The Death Of You.


Johnny Damon Spurns Sox To Stay With City That Most Resembles Current State of His Career

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It's been a confusing few days for the organizations who inexplicably want the services of outfielder/DH Johnny Damon, the 36-year-old former Red Sox star who has slowly morphed from a player who based his career on his ability to run into a player who's basing his career on the fact that he used to be able to run.



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This year's section of the SI Swimsuit Issue </a> </a> </a> </a> </a> </a> </a> </a> </a> </a> </a> </a> </a> </a> </a>.



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Using a mix of modern medicine, prayer, and voodoo, the Yankees warmed up the corpse of Johnny Damon, who hit a game-deciding home run in the seventh inning to power the Yankees <a href="http://scores.espn.go.com/mlb/recap?gameId=270828110" target="_blank">past the Red Sox 5-3</a>.

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