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Stop ‘Flipping Out’ About Johnny Manziel’s Middle Finger

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You probably made a big deal about the Johnny Manziel middle finger last night. You probably suck as a human being.

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Jerry Jones Had To Be Physically Stopped From Drafting Johnny Manziel

By | 4 Comments

Jerry Jones almost drafted Johnny Manziel and oh my god, we were so close to this happening.


The Disney Heroines Guide To Drafting Your Fantasy Football Quarterback

By | 13 Comments

It's about that time to draft our fantasy teams, so let's start the preparations by weighing the pros and cons of the quarterbacks.


Was Johnny Manziel Rolling Bills In A Vegas Bathroom? Let The Speculation Wheel Spin!


Johnny Manziel was back in that den of iniquity Las Vegas over the extended holiday weekend. But what’s this?


Johnny Manziel’s Hometown Has Abandoned The Cowboys For The Browns

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NFL fans in Tyler, Texas paid for a billboard to let the Dallas Cowboys know that they were cheering on the Browns and Johnny Manziel now.


Here’s A Pic Of A Sh*t-Faced Johnny Manziel Riding A Swan

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Yep, going to be a great Browns season. I can feel it.


Johnny Football Has Been Partying In Vegas All Weekend With Rob Gronkowski & Diplo, Naturally

By | 8 Comments

Johnny Football cannot be stopped, or contained. And we're all the better for it.


Johnny Manziel Is Being Sued For Sexual Harassment For Allegedly Sending Hot Dog-Themed Dick Pics

By | 28 Comments

In the most amazing court claim of all time, Johnny Manziel is being sued for sexual harassment involving hot dogs, Disney parks and more.


Meet Three Lucky Women Who Have No Clue Who Johnny Manziel Is

By | 17 Comments

On last night's 'Jeopardy!', these women couldn't answer a question about Johnny Manziel, and that was simply refreshing.


Jimmy Haslam Drafted Johnny Manziel Because A Homeless Guy Told Him To

By | 3 Comments

Browns owner Jimmy Haslam claimed a homeless fan told him to draft Johnny Manziel last night, and everyone totally believes him.


Do You Want To Debate Johnny Manziel’s Draft Value Or Would You Rather Watch Him Catch A TD On A Jetski?

By | 7 Comments

Johnny Manziel is still preparing for the 2014 NFL Draft by being the swaggiest bro to ever YOLO with his bros on jetskis.


The Bromances Were In Full Bloom At The NCAA Championship Game In Dallas

By | 2 Comments

From Drake and Johnny Football to Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, last night's NCAA Championship game was packed with BFFs.


Drake – “Draft Day”

By | 140 Comments

When Drake decides to rap, buddy gets busy.


Hulk Hogan Likes The Gators In The NCAA Tournament And Johnny Manziel In The NFL

By | 5 Comments

In an appearance on ESPN's Sports Nation yesterday, Hulk Hogan picked the Gators to win the NCAA Tournament and revealed that he's the worst NFL fan ever.


Johnny Manziel Hung Out With George Bush And Then Put On A Pro Day Display

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Johnny Manziel not only put on a big show at his Pro Day, but he also got to hang out with President George H.W. Bush before it began.


Johnny 'Basketball' Football Is Back And Now He's 360 Dunking


Johhny Football, aka Johnny 'Basketball' Manziel, is back with DUNK CONTEST READY DUNKS. Watch him catch balls off the wall and 360 dunk, because FOOTBALL!

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