Vintage Best And Worst: WWE NXT 9/14/10 Season 3 Episode 2

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The worst season of wrestling TV ever continues with the vintage Best and Worst of WWE NXT season 3, episode 2. Obstacle courses and jokes!


The Camera Crew Played A Hilarious Joke On Kevin Hart At The NBA All-Star Game

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Comedian Kevin Hart was the butt of a joke on the jumbotron at the NBA All-Star Game, but he didn't seem to care for it that much.

adam patch

Man Animates Joke About Tortilla Chips Told By His Drunk Wife

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Adam Patch's wife got drunk on wine and literally told a corny joke. He recorded her and animated the joke. Here is the final result.

april fools

J.J. Abrams Developing ‘Star Wars’/’Star Trek’ Animated Crossover

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We finally get the crossover film of our dreams. Or, well, not. Hope you like Jar Jar Binks.


The Best Joke Ever


A pun-filled adventure leads to the best joke ever.


Kanye West Didn't Start A WHOIS Service, But Man This Fake is Convincing


Kanye, for those who don't obsessively follow the guy, started a web company last year, Donda Media.

but seriously

The Pirate Bay Decides April Fool's Day Is A Week Or So Early


<a href="http://uproxx.files.wordpress.com/2012/03/picture-49.png"></a>The Pirate Bay is, of course, a popular torrenting site that seems constantly on the verge of being shut down.

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