Create-Your-Team 2009

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I don't really do fantasy basketball.


Sacramento Kings ’09-10 NBA season preview

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NBA training camps are underway, meaning it's time again for Dime's team-by-team season previews.

#LeBron James

More Minnesota drama with Rubio, and Amar’e to the Lakers?

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Has anyone bothered to find out what Al Jefferson thinks of all this.


9 winners from the ’09 NBA Draft

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Five teams who had good reason to stage those goofy, awkward draft-room celebrations, and four players who should go buy themselves something pretty.


The Kobayashi Game

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It was tough to come up with a name for what the Nuggets did to the Hornets last night.


March Madness Hit List/Sh*t List (Part 1)

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The first weekend is in the books, the field of 65 is down to 16, and I seriously need a break from watching basketball.


The real contenders step up, and LeBron can’t lose at home

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Duke, Gonzaga and Purdue gave us the "Madness" part of March yesterday, but UConn, Memphis and Villanova made the biggest statements when it comes to what really matters: winning the 'chip.


March Madness update: Purdue edges UW, Carolina advances

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Dime's Aron Phillips e-mailed the crew earlier today: "Ty Lawson has been getting as much coverage as Cyrano de Bergerac's nose.


The Longest Day of the Year

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As our March Madness live-blogger put it at the beginning of Dime's all-out Big Dance coverage, Thursday was one of the few "guy days" of the calendar year -- like the Super Bowl, only since it starts in the middle of the workday, you've got people sneaking TV's into the office, hitting the "Boss Button" on their monitors and stashing live-streaming iPhones in desk drawers.

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