While You Were Sleeping

Jon Connor Feat. Mistah F.A.B. – “I’m Heavy”

"Most these aggins is garbage/ I call them son of a bitches, but blame that on their fathers.

While You Were Sleepin'

Notable Quotable – Jon Connor On “Don’t Wanna Be”


"Let's get it clear we are all one This word 'nigga' tell me this what's worse: being one or being called one Cause if you one, then we all one Cause other races gon' judge me on the last time they saw one Go grab a mic or a ball son How fuckin' backwards is that.

Three Questions

Three Questions With Jarren Benton + “Freebasing With Kevin Bacon” Mixtape

Hailing from Decatur, GA Jarren Benton first caught our eyes at A3C last year and he's been on our radar ever since.


Jarren Benton Feat. Rittz & Jon Conor – “Billion Bucks” Video


Three of the game's newest, most promising lyricists collide on "Billion Bucks" and none of them walk away from the record with a blemish.


Jon Connor – “Soldier” Video

It isn't going to happen over night, but Jon Connor is scaling the wall to stardom.


Jarren Benton Feat. Rittz & Jon Connor – “Billion Bucks”

If you're not feeling Jarren Benton's "Billion Bucks," you probably really enjoy vanilla ice cream and were rooting for the Spurs, because this sh*t right here is the opposite of boring.

Vinnie Chase: Season 2

Jon Connor – “Just Paper” Video

When times have gotten tough and bank accounts became bare, there's undoubtedly been a point in your head where you've thought, 'How the hell is money dictating my life.

Vinnie Chase: Season 2

Jon Connor – “Someone Like Me” Video

"Never been a gimmick, just a young n*gga with lyrics.


Jon Connor – The People’s Rapper LP


By now, you should know what to expect from Jon Connor's latest mixtape, The People's Rapper LP.

The Blue Album

Jon Connor – “Hova Mojo” Video


The epic beat behind Jay-Z's "Blueprint 2" just does something to me.

The People's Rapper LP

Jon Connor – “Cleaning Out My Closet”

To those who are still aren't up to speed with Jon Connor's music, yes, ignorance is bliss but it's time to stop dilly-dallying.


Jon Connor – “The Way I Am”


As much as I enjoy hearing Jon Connor's soul unraveling on "The Way I Am," off his upcoming Eminem-inspired project The People's Rapper, part of me wonders why the project is even going down in the first place.

The People's Rapper LP

Jon Connor – “Soldier”

Showing love to his fellow Michiganite, Flint native Jon Connor has chosen to wreak havoc over Eminem instrumentals for the next entry in his “Best In The World” series, The People’s Rapper LP.

We Got Now

On Jon Connor, SXSW And Sore Thumbs


By my count, there are 17,543 rappers at SXSW this year.


Jon Connor – “Broken Mirrors” Video


Most of the time, the easiest videos to make are the ones where you can just mimic the words of the song.


Love Hangover: New Mixtapes From Jon Connor, YelaWolf, Kid Daytona & More


Considering the majority of rappers keep their love life wide open, there were quite a few Valentine's Day mixtape releases yesterday.

Young Gliss

Young Gliss Feat. Prodigy, Killer Mike, Jon Connor, Just Shawn & Lo Keys – “No One Can Stop Us Now”


At seven minutes long, "No One Can Stop Us Now" clocks in much longer than the average song.

The Blue Album

Jon Connor – “Best In The World”


Jon Connor's Season 2 mixtape was definitely one of the best, most snoozed on tapes from last year, but instead of dwelling in the past, the Flint rapper is keeping it moving with his next endeavor, The Blue Album.

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