We Made A Bunch Of ‘Parks And Recreation’ Themed Halloween Candy. Treat Yo’ Self.


To combat the lack of a Parks and Recreation Halloween episode on Halloween we've created our own Pawnee-inspired candies.


Just In Time For Halloween Night: The Claire Daines Cry Face Mask Is Now A Reality

Just in time for all you costume procrastinators/fans of acclaimed dramas to pull something together at the last moment.


What Fall TV’s Spooky, Scariest Shows Would Look Like As ‘Goosebumps’ Books


"The Walking Dead," "Dexter," and "American Horror Story," as if R.L. Stine had written them.

#arrested development

Try A Tasty, Highly Dangerous Bowl Of George Bluth’s Cornballs Cereal

Graphic artist extraordinaire Jon Defreest illustrated what George Bluth's Cornballs cereal from "Arrested Development" would look like.

ron burgundy

Wouldn't You Like A Refreshing Ron Burgundy Ice Cream Bar On A Hot Summer Day?


I don't know what it's like where you are, but where I am it's f-ing HOT.


To Celebrate The Opening Of 'Battleship', Here Are All The Parodies We Have


In case you hadn't noticed from the ads all over this page, Battleship is showing in theaters in North America now.


Troy Vs. Abed: Choose A Side With Blankateers And Pillowmen Propaganda Posters

Tonight marks part two of the Greendale civil war between Abed Nadir's Pillowmen and Troy Barnes's Blankateers.


Don Draper Finally Got His Mug On A Wheaties Box

(Click to enlarge, if you can handle the gravitas.


The ‘Mad Men’ Cast Gets ‘Archer’-ized


As we're making our transition from all the Archer you can handle to all the Mad Men you can handle our talented buddy Jon Defreest has run to the rescue with this new original that should really be the banner image for Sterling Archer Draper Pryce.


Roger Sterling's 'Sterling Scooper' Will Roam Your Hillsides With Fictional Ben & Jerry's Goodness

When I read "This is probably going to be my last ice cream" in an email from our buddy Jon Defreest I knew I was going to share the latest creation regardless of the subject matter.

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