The ‘Parks And Recreation’ Cast And Make-A-Wish Foundation Gave A Young Man The Best Day Of His Life

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The cast of 'Parks and Recreation' and the Make-A-Wish Foundation gave a young man the best day of his life.


Amy Poehler, Rob Lowe, Jon Glaser Singing ‘Summer Nights’ From ‘Grease’ Is EVERYTHING

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Tell me more, tell me more, like why isn't Amy Poehler always decked out in leather singing songs to us?


TV GIFs Of The Week (And The Best Of 'Delocated')

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The best TV GIFs of the week, including "Community" and "Justified," as well as a collection of the best GIFs from Adult Swim's "Delocated."


David Cross And Amber Tamblyn Had The Most Charmingly Perfect Wedding Ever

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Don't be such a blow hard: enjoy something nice for a change.


Jon Glaser Is Bringing The Bone Zone To Pawnee

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Jon Glaser, the star of Adult Swim's "Delocated," will guest star on "Parks and Recreation" next season, as Leslie's enemy.


The Puppy Suit: Andy Richter Did It First

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Yesterday, in my excitement over Jon Glaser wearing a suit made of puppies for Adult Swim's "Delocated," I overlooked the genesis of the phenomenon: Andy Richter had previously donned a coat lined with puppies for the short-lived but excellent "Andy Richter Controls the Universe.


'Delocated' Is Officially Awesome

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Adult Swim's "Delocated" has slowly generated more and more buzz in comedy realms, and this is the photo that officially seals my admiration for the show: it's series star Jon Glaser in a puppy suit for the episode "Dog Mayor.

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