UFC Just Dropped The Hammer On PED Testing


UFC announced a new PED testing regime aimed at catching abusers in out of competition testing, with very stiff penalties for failures.


A Fighter’s Mom Once Tried To Punch UFC Champ Jon Jones In The Hospital


In an excerpt from a documentary about Swedish fighter Alexander "The Mauler" Gustafsson, his mother detailed the time she almost fought his toughest opponent, current UFC light heavyweight champion, Jon "Bones" Jones in the hospital.


Rob Gronkowski Is Training Chandler Jones To Fight UFC Champ Jon Jones

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TMZ Sports caught up with Rob Gronkowski, and he's apparently training Chandler Jones to fight Chandler's brother, UFC champion Jon Jones


The Patriots’ Chandler Jones Challenges His Brother, UFC Champ Jon Jones, To A Fight


New England Patriot defensive end and Super Bowl champion Chandler Jones is calling out his own flesh and blood, UFC light heavyweight champion Jon "Bones" Jones.

super bowl xlix

Triple H Chopped Crotch With A UFC Champion And Super Bowl Champion At The Same Time

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Three championship wieners being gestured at in one picture? Don't see that every day.


Did MMA Fighter Jon Jones Hide Under The Cage To Avoid A Drug Test?

By | 8 Comments

There's a rumor that Jon Jones hid under a cage to avoid a drug test. Wait, what?!


Jon Jones Spent One Day In Rehab, But His Mom Is Happy He Tested Positive

By | 13 Comments

Jon Jones' mom sees his positive drug test and one-day stint in rehab as a blessing that will help him avoid bad people.


Dana White Is Worried About Jon Jones As A Human Being, Not As The Image Of The UFC

By | 2 Comments

Dana White spoke with America's Pre Game about Jon Jones' positive drug test and how that impacts Jones and the UFC.


Here’s What We Know About Jon Jones Testing Positive For Cocaine

By | 16 Comments

There's a lot to sift through regarding Jon Jones' positive test for cocaine, so here's what we've been able to figure out.


Jon Jones Has Entered Drug Treatment After Testing Positive For Cocaine

By | 24 Comments

Just days after his title defense at UFC 182, it has been revealed that Jon Jones tested positive for cocaine.

UFC 182

UFC 182 Live Discussion: Can Jon Jones Retain Against Daniel Cormier?

By | 353 Comments

Follow along with all of the awesome UFC 182 action live, as Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier finally get to stop talking.


UFC 182 Staff Predictions: Will Daniel Cormier Ruin Jon Jones’ Special Night?


Our team of experts weighs in on the incredible card leading up to Jon Jones-Daniel Cormier at UFC 182.


Jon Jones Delivers A Scathing, Hot Take On CM Punk

By | 24 Comments

Jon Jones isn't pleased with the CM Punk signing by the UFC, and he wants Punk to get knocked out for it.


The Best And Baddest UFC And MMA Moments, Fights And Fighters Of 2014


The very best moments, fights and fighters of 2014 in the UFC, mixed martial arts and combat sports.


Let’s Rank The Weekend’s 10 Best Responses To CM Punk Signing With UFC

By | 53 Comments

People were talking about former WWE Champion CM Punk signing with UFC this weekend, so we collected some of the best responses.


Jon Jones Versus Anderson Silva And The Greatest Fight That Never Was


At UFC's The Time Is Now press conference, some of the very top fighters (Plus Clarence Byron Dolloway, for some reason) were gathered as Dana White unveiled the 2015 fight calendar.


This Might Be A Video Of UFC Champ Jon Jones Showing Off His Private Parts

By | 6 Comments

UFC Light Heavyweight champion Jon "Bones" Jones has had a lot of issues with social media.


Jon Jones And Daniel Cormier Got Into A Huge Brawl For UFC 178’s Media Day

By | 4 Comments

Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier had a bit of a disagreement at the UFC 178 media day. UH OH!


Jon Bones Jones’ Troll Game Is Strong

By | 5 Comments

UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Bones Jones responded to critics by making a whimpery voice and sticking out his tongue. GET 'EM.

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