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Here’s Video Of The Jon Jones Alleged Hit-And-Run Accident

New on-scene footage and audio of the 911 call following Jon Jones' alleged hit-and-run accident was released on Monday


Ronda Rousey Names The Man She Would Most Like To Beat Up


Ronda Rousey has once again brought up her long lasting desire to beat up UFC fighter Bryan Caraway.


Here’s Daniel Cormier Telling Jon Jones To Get His “Sh*t Together”

UFC fighter Daniel Cormier called out suspended champion Jon Jones after defeating Anthony Johnson in UFC 187 on Saturday night.


Police Officers Found A ‘Sh*t Load Of Condoms’ In Jon Jones’ Car

Footage of cops searching Jon Jones' car revealed he had a bag of Funyuns, a pipe, and apparently a ton of condoms


Court Documents Revealed Jon Jones’ Phone Number And Address, And Trolling Ensued

Jon Jones is getting an extra special helping of internet shame due to his phone number showing up on court documents released on the net.


Joe Rogan Thinks Brain Damage May Explain The Jon Jones Situation


UFC Commentator Joe Rogan had some interesting thoughts on Jon Jones, tying the champ's recent behavior to possible brain damage.


Jon Jones May Never Fight Again, According To His Manager

The Jon Jones era may be over for good as his manager reveals the star is tired of drama and may leave the sport forever.


Why Was Jon Jones Stripped Of His UFC Title? Who’s Replacing Him At UFC 187?


Jon Jones was stripped of his title and suspended by the UFC. Here's what we've been able to gather on why that happened.


Breaking: Jon Jones Has Been Stripped Of His UFC Title And Suspended Indefinitely


Jon Jones has just been stripped of his title and suspended indefinitely


Jon Jones’ Lawyer Says He’s Preparing For UFC 187 As If Nothing Happened


If it's up to Jon Jones, he will fight at UFC 187. That's according to his lawyer, who wants to minimize disruptions to his camp.


Everything You Need To Know About The Jon Jones Hit-And-Run Situation

The Jon Jones hit and run saga got more interesting on Monday, with Jon being charged with a felony and ultimately turning himself in.


Jon Jones Reportedly Fled Hit-And-Run On Foot And A Marijuana Pipe Was Found In His Car

Details of UFC champion Jon Jones's latest brush with the law are coming out, and they do not look good.


UFC Champ Jon Jones Is Wanted By Police For A Hit-And-Run Involving A Pregnant Woman


Jon Jones is being sought for questioning by Albuquerque police regarding an accident on Sunday.


This Week In MMA History: Broken Faces And Bruised Butts

There are roughly 5,000 mixed martial arts cards going on every single day across the world.


What Made Jon Jones Delete This Picture? We Weed Out The Possibilities.


UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones is prone to posting and then removing pictures and videos from his Instagram account without warning.


UFC Just Dropped The Hammer On PED Testing

UFC announced a new PED testing regime aimed at catching abusers in out of competition testing, with very stiff penalties for failures.


A Fighter’s Mom Once Tried To Punch UFC Champ Jon Jones In The Hospital

In an excerpt from a documentary about Swedish fighter Alexander "The Mauler" Gustafsson, his mother detailed the time she almost fought his toughest opponent, current UFC light heavyweight champion, Jon "Bones" Jones in the hospital.


Rob Gronkowski Is Training Chandler Jones To Fight UFC Champ Jon Jones


TMZ Sports caught up with Rob Gronkowski, and he's apparently training Chandler Jones to fight Chandler's brother, UFC champion Jon Jones


The Patriots’ Chandler Jones Challenges His Brother, UFC Champ Jon Jones, To A Fight

New England Patriot defensive end and Super Bowl champion Chandler Jones is calling out his own flesh and blood, UFC light heavyweight champion Jon "Bones" Jones.

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Triple H Chopped Crotch With A UFC Champion And Super Bowl Champion At The Same Time


Three championship wieners being gestured at in one picture? Don't see that every day.

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