Kyrie Irving Learns About Celebrity; Rudy Fernandez May Sign In Spain

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It didn't take Kyrie Irving long to learn about celebrity.

Nolan Smith

Dime Q&A: Kyle Singler Talks NBA Draft, Duke & Trick Shots

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After winning the national championship at Duke last season, many people expected Kyle Singler to take off for the NBA with his draft stock soaring.

Rio Grande Valley Vipers

Now In The D-League, Jon Scheyer Is One Step Closer To The NBA

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Jon Scheyer played 144 consecutive contests for the Duke Blue Devils in his four years in Durham, so when he didn't play a single game of basketball for 223 days, it got to him.

We Reminisce

We Reminisce: Jon Scheyer Scores 21 Points In 75 Seconds

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Here's all you need to know: Jon Scheyer scored 21 points in 75 seconds in front of 3990 fans.


Duke’s Nolan Smith: “We’re not the defending champions”


Coach K's four national championship teams at Duke University have been defined by threes.


Kevin Love is destined to play for the L.A. Lakers

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For certain sports franchises, players are not so much developed as they are born.


DimeTV: Clippers Cali Swag District

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For Clippers fans, there's one phrase that is a staple in their vocabulary: "There's always next season." Thankfully, that time is now.


Celtics and Heat gear up for 7-game showdown

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Apparently the Celtics and Heat are in a competition to set the record for having the most players in training camp and under contract.

#Chris Paul

Gone By November

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Monty Williams and Byron Scott are gonna have a lot to talk about the next time they cross paths.


Top 10 Shooting Guards of the ’09-10 Season

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Around this time last year, I ranked the Top 10 players at each position covering the NBA, college and high school ranks for the just-completed season.


Revenge of the Sith: Duke wins another National Championship

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Under the list of ingredients that have become standard in the NCAA championship recipe -- defense, momentum, chip on the shoulder, good coaching, depth, etc.

Troy Murphy

Black Like Me: What Duke vs. Butler means for the face of basketball

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When it comes to sports, I am a certified and admitted racist.

Shelvin Mack

3 Key Matchups In Tonight’s National Championship Game

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The always entertaining and interesting Jonah Lehrer has an essay in this past weekend's Wall Street Journal which uses recent studies to examine The Superstar Effect: "While challenging competitions are supposed to bring out our best, these studies demonstrate that when people are forced to compete against a peer who seems far superior, they often don't rise to the challenge.

west virginia

Kevin Jones West Virginia Final Four Diary: The End of the Road

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West Virginia was two wins shy of a national championship. While that won't be any immediate consolation to the players who worked all season to get to the Final Four, it's a lot better than 300-something other D-1 teams can say.


Duke and Butler in the NCAA title game; Derrick Rose is a Bad Man

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Everybody wants to make the Hoosiers comparison, but the best movie for Butler's surprise run to the NCAA championship game might be Invictus.

west virginia

Duke will win the National Championship

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For all of those haters and "experts" who have been crying from moment the original NCAA Tournament seedings were announced weeks ago (and there were many) that Duke was handed a cakewalk to the Final Four, know this: when the smoke clears, Duke will have absolutely earned their stripes by battling through what has quickly become the most difficult road to a national championship faced by any team in the field.

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