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Jon Stewart Tries To Calm The Masses Ahead Of A Potential Super Bowl Without Velveeta And Bacon

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Potential bacon and Velveeta shortages threaten to ruin Super Bowl parties everywhere.


Kristen Schaal Gave Men A Scary-As-Hell Look Into Their Workplace Futures On ‘The Daily Show’ Last Night

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Guys, we're pretty much looking at Bizarro Wolf of Wall Street for the rest of the century.


Watch Jon Stewart Explain How ‘Incredibly Smooth-Chested Boy Man’ Justin Bieber Is Just Like Congress


Last night The Daily Show broke protocol and led with two top stories of equal importance.


Scarlett Johansson: There Are Disadvantages To Having My Amazing Body

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Sure, ScarJo, there are disadvantages to having your body. SURE THERE ARE.

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Dean Cain To America’s Unemployed: Get A Job! Jon Stewart To Dean Cain: F*ck You!

By | 86 Comments

Dean Cain appeared on Fox News and lectured America's unemployed on the virtues of working crap jobs. Jon Stewart was watching.


Jon Stewart Applauds Chris Christie For The ‘Dickishness’ He Exhibited In The GW Bridge Scandal

By | 22 Comments

Jon Stewart to Chris Christie: "Backing up bridge traffic doesn't punish Fort Lee's mayor. It punishes people trying to get the f*ck out of Fort Lee."

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Jon Stewart’s Glorious Evisceration Of Anti-Weed Legalization Media Types Will Give Every Stoner A Boner

By | 29 Comments

Jon Stewart takes on the predictable Fox News fear-mongering (led by Bill O'Reilly) over legalized marijuana and we're all the better for it.


Jon Stewart Burned Global Warming Deniers In His First Show Of 2014

By | 70 Comments

Welcome to 2014, Jon Stewart, where global warming is a thing of the past!


Jon Stewart Bid John Oliver A Tearful, Hilarious ‘Daily Show’ Goodbye With A Surprise Retrospective

By | 35 Comments

All good things must come to an end. Especially when HBO comes calling with a bag full of premium cable money.


Boy, That ‘Anchorman 2′ Cast Visit To ‘The Daily Show’ Escalated Quickly

By | 10 Comments

The whole thing made almost no sense, was completely unscripted, and left Jon Stewart a broken, disheveled mess.

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Jon Stewart Called Bullsh*t On Megyn Kelly’s Claim That Her ‘Santa Claus Is White’ Rant Was Just A Joke

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Friday night on her show, Megyn Kelly claimed that her "Santa is white" rant was all a joke. Jon Stewart calls bullsh*t.

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‘The Daily Show’ Emphatically Rejects The Latest ‘War On Christmas’ Tantrums From Fox News

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The network has really cranked up its defense of the little underdog holiday that could (creep all the way into October).


Amy Adams Was The Latest Guest To Be Subjected To Jon Stewart’s Jennifer Lawrence-Helen Mirren Theory

By | 9 Comments

Directly after providing some sanity last night Jon Stewart delved back into his own insanity.


‘What The F*ck Is Wrong With Us?’: Jon Stewart Brings Sanity To The Obama-Raul Castro Handshake Outrage

By | 38 Comments

The Daily Show knows exactly where the line is between defensible and indefensible, and we're all the better for it.


Fox News Has Kicked Off Its Annual War On Christmas And The ‘Daily Show’ Is On It

By | 91 Comments

Like clockwork, Fox News has kicked off its annual "War on Christmas" coverage. Thankfully, the Daily Show is around to make fun of it.

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Jon Stewart Connects The Dots Between Obamacare And Black Friday

By | 11 Comments

Jon Stewart proves once again: EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED. Even Black Friday and Obamacare.


Sir Ian McKellen Is The Latest To Shoot Down Jon Stewart’s Weird Jennifer Lawrence-Helen Mirren Theory

By | 12 Comments

Last night Sir Ian McKellen had a lovely chat with Jon Stewart that took the backseat to obsessive Jennifer Lawrence theories.

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Jennifer Lawrence Told Jon Stewart He’s Terrible At His Job On ‘The Daily Show’

By | 39 Comments

Jennifer Lawrence stopped by The Daily Show to talk about how awful Jon Stewart is at his job and engage in some playful nipple talk.

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