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‘Wolf Of Wall Street’ Screenwriter Thinks Jordan Belfort Is Truly Sorry For All The ‘Ludes And Stealing And Stuff

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'Wolf of Wall Street' screenwriter Terrence Winter thinks Jordan Belfort is truly sorry for all the 'luudes and stealing and stuff.


Leonardo DiCaprio Allegedly Snubbed Jordan Belfort

By | 3 Comments

Leonardo DiCaprio is treating Jordan Belfort like the piece of shit he is, according to reports.


The Real-Life Wolf Of Wall Street Was Tommy Chong's Cell Mate In Federal Prison

By | 18 Comments

When you steal as much money as Jordan Belfort, prison is like fantasy camp for assholes.

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Jordan Belfort Is Lying About Not Profiting From ‘Wolf Of Wall Street’

By | 29 Comments

Despite claims that he's "not making a single dime," Jordan Belfort pocketed nearly a million dollars for the rights to Wolf of Wall Street while paying out just $21,000 in restitution.


The Wolf of Wall Street Used to Finance Hulk Hogan Movies?! The Curious Filmography of Jordan Belfort

By | 23 Comments

Back in the nineties, Wolf of Wall Street subject Jordan Belfort financed Hulk Hogan movies and two films from the director of 'A Talking Cat?!'


The Wolf of Wall Street Debate Misses the Damned Point and Here’s Why

By | 112 Comments

As the debate over whether Wolf of Wall Street is an endorsement of Jordan Belfort rages on, it's important to understand that that's a stupid question.


Review: 'Wolf of Wall Street,' AKA 'Spring Bankers'

By | 81 Comments

Would Anchorman still be as funny if Ron Burgundy was a real person and the movie based on a book he wrote himself?


Meet Jordan Belfort, The Real Life 'Wolf Of Wall Street,' In These YouTube Videos

By | 7 Comments

I walked out of "The Wolf of Wall Street" yearning to know more about Jordan Belfort. So I did some digging around on YouTube.


Wall Street Bros Loved Wolf of Wall Street Because of Course.

By | 14 Comments

A writer for Business Insider described his experience seeing an advance screening of Wolf of Wall Street within spitting distance of Goldman Sachs.


WATCH: Leonardo DiCaprio cuts promo video for Jordan Belfort, possibly at gunpoint

By | 21 Comments

Martin Scorsese's <a href="" target="_blank">Wolf of Wall Street</a>, which recently <a href="" target="_blank">moved its release date</a> to Christmas Day when it wasn't finished in time for its initial deadline last Friday, tells the story of <a href="" target="_blank">Jordan Belfort</a>, a sleazy Wall Street wannabe who got rich scamming people chopping stocks, a la Boiler Room.


The Curious Filmography of The Real-Life Wolf of Wall Street: ‘Santa with Muscles,’ and other films

By | 8 Comments

I'm a little bit torn about Martin Scorsese's new film <a href="" target="_blank">The Wolf of Wall Street</a>.

dwarf tossing

Chimps, Women, and Dwarf-Tossing, the Wolf of Wall Street has a Trailer

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Martin Scorsese's The Wolf of Wall Street just dropped a trailer, and dare I say it, Leonardo DiCaprio is dangerously close to being forever typecast as the fabulously wealthy playboy with a private fleet of yachts, women, and money.

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Scorsese and DiCaprio making Wall Street 4 or something

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Because Martin Scorcese just can't quit Leo DiCaprio, he plans to shoot him in The Wolf of Wall Street, his very next film (after he finishes post on <a href="" target="_blank">After crying wolf before</a> [I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE], Martin Scorsese now plans to follow through and direct The Wolf of Wall Street with Leonardo DiCaprio, with Boardwalk Empire's Terry Winter having adapted the Jordan Belfort memoir [Vitor's brother, I assume].

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