UFC Champ Jose Aldo Takes On Conor McGregor In 16 Glorious Bits

Brazil's Globo put together a cool 16-bit fighting game version of Jose Aldo versus Conor McGregor to get ready for UFC 189 in July.


Watch Every Near Riot From The Jose Aldo vs. Conor McGregor World Tour


The UFC's Jose Aldo vs Conor McGregor world tour is over and it's a miracle no brawls broke out. But it was close, and we have all the highlights


Conor McGregor Stole Jose Aldo’s Belt At A Press Conference In Dublin


Things got really heated at the Dublin stop of UFC's world press tour when Conor McGregor stole Jose Aldo's belt.


UFC Champ Jose Aldo Wants Conor McGregor Drug Tested Weekly

The ongoing war of words between UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo and challenger "The Notorious" Conor McGregor continues to grow more and more heated.


Conor McGregor Played Darts With Jose Aldo’s Photo In Brazil

Conor McGregor is a lovable scamp, unless you happen to be fighting him, in which case he becomes a gigantic pain in your arse.


Jose Aldo And Conor McGregor Are Battling For Commercial Supremacy

Jose Aldo is the current UFC featherweight champion, and it's only a matter of time until Dana White starts calling him the number one pound-for-pound fighter in the lead up to his next title defense against Conor McGregor.


UFC 179 Predictions: Can Jose Aldo Beat Chad Mendes in Brazil Again?

UFC 179 is here, and the Uproxx Sports team is back to provide picks and predictions for the entire fight card.


UFC is Back! Weekend Combat Sports Live Discussion


Friday's combat sports live discussion kicks off with some Bellator 130 action, while UFC 179 comes to us live on Saturday night.


UFC 169 Predictions – Will Urijah Faber Finally Capture The UFC Bantamweight Title?


We take a look at tomorrow night's matchups at UFC 169 and battle each other with our expert opinions.

UFC 163

With Leather Live Discussion: UFC 163 – Aldo Vs. Korean Zombie


On one hand, I’m still a little bummed that we’re not going to see Anthony Pettis fighting Jose Aldo for the UFC Featherweight Title tomorrow night at UFC 163 in Rio de Janeiro as originally planned, but I also can’t complain about the alternative.


With Leather Live Discussion: UFC 156


Ever since Georges St-Pierre made his triumphant return to re-capture his UFC Welterweight Championship at UFC 154, we've been hearing this one phrase thrown around ad nauseum.


Just Like The Angry Birds Soccer Video, Only Angrier And With Fewer Birds

Yesterday, we shared with you a viral video of two soccer players recreating 'Angry Birds' in real life, and today we have the follow-up; watch as Jose Aldo and Kenny Florian recreate 'UFC Undisputed 3' with soccer balls.


Holy Mary Mother of God


The thing you are probably trying to look away from is Mark Hominick, an Ultimate Fighter who got a $129,000 Fight of the Night bonus on Sunday for letting Jose Aldo ruthlessly beat him in the face until his eyeballs started looking like little vaginas.

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