UFC 169 Predictions – Will Urijah Faber Finally Capture The UFC Bantamweight Title?

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We take a look at tomorrow night's matchups at UFC 169 and battle each other with our expert opinions.


With Leather Live Discussion: UFC 163 – Aldo Vs. Korean Zombie

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On one hand, I’m still a little bummed that we’re not going to see Anthony Pettis fighting <a href="" target="_blank">Jose Aldo</a> for the UFC Featherweight Title tomorrow night at <a href="" target="_blank">UFC 163 in Rio de Janeiro</a> as originally planned, but I also can’t complain about the alternative.


With Leather Live Discussion: UFC 156

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Ever since Georges St-Pierre made <a href="">his triumphant return to re-capture his UFC Welterweight Championship at UFC 154</a>, we've been hearing this one phrase thrown around ad nauseum.


Just Like The Angry Birds Soccer Video, Only Angrier And With Fewer Birds


Yesterday, we shared with you a viral video of <a href="">two soccer players recreating 'Angry Birds' in real life</a>, and today we have the follow-up; watch as Jose Aldo and Kenny Florian recreate 'UFC Undisputed 3' with soccer balls.


Holy Mary Mother of God

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The thing you are probably trying to look away from is Mark Hominick, an Ultimate Fighter who got a $129,000 Fight of the Night bonus on Sunday for letting Jose Aldo ruthlessly beat him in the face until his eyeballs started looking like little vaginas.

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